Arch Window Blinds That Open

Arch window treatments come in several options for you to maximize lighting whenever you want. You can have a full arch window, which uses a one-piece, top-to-bottom arrangement with cords or wands to open and shut the blinds. You can also use a two-part arrangement with a stationary arch top and a different section below that opens and shuts manually. Another option is a specialty small arch window remote control mechanism set high up on the wall.

  1. Using Real or Faux Wood Blinds

    • Wood blinds can come as cased shutters or horizontal blinds.
      Wood blinds can come as cased shutters or horizontal blinds.

      Most well-known window treatment manufacturers have a line of wood and faux wood blinds but not many will make the arch section that sits above the blind in wood. For those that do, the arch part can be made as a nonmoving piece or one that operates by using a wand with a hook to open the slats manually. Specialty arches set high on a wall are opened either with a manual wand or with a remote control mechanism.

    Cellular Shades

    • The view of a cellular blind is similar to honeycomb cells.
      The view of a cellular blind is similar to honeycomb cells.

      Cellular shade design and manufacturing can handle just about any window shape you could come up with. The cellular fabric, made from lightweight, energy-efficient material, is manufactured in a honeycomb shape as a single or double-cell product, as seen from the side. An arch top section can be created, but it will be stationary, sitting on top of the shade below, which can be raised or lowered from the top or the bottom with a push-pull arrangement. You can also order the materials with a room-darkening side to cut out all light. The cellular shade comes in many colors and patterns, able to match any decor you have.

    Using Film on Glass

    • Decorator film can look just like mosaic glass windows.
      Decorator film can look just like mosaic glass windows.

      Decide whether using a film sheet on the glass of an arch window section is the best way to go. That depends purely on location, your decor and your budget. For those arch windows set high on the wall, a light-color film may suit you just fine. You can also find designer film, which, when added to your windows, creates a church-like effect and can be quite beautiful. Some arch windows, when set in isolated spots, are designed to open and shut from the top by a latch. Film treatments would work best with this type of window.

    Tight Budget Restraints

    • Home improvement centers carry temporary blinds made out of pleated paper, which you can lay on a beam or ledge, where the arch sits. You simply fold it over just the right way and then release the sides out, which makes a paper arch that you can cut to size. Depending on your budget, you can purchase plain paper or use a room-darkening version, which cuts out all light. The paper blinds are also great hung length-wise and are useful when you first move into a new home and need something quick to cover those empty windows.

    Where to Order Arch Blinds

    • The best place to begin looking at different options is to go to a home improvement store and ask the decor associate what is available. There are always new products being developed. Decor departments have sample showcases available for you to look at, books from the manufacturers showing what can be ordered, and you can also find out about any sales and discounts a manufacturer may have. You can get what you want for some great savings if you look and ask questions.

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