Hand Held Showers That Attach to Bathtub Faucet Connections


Hand-held showers that attach to bathroom faucets are a quick way to install a shower in a bathroom that doesn't have one. Although a variety of these kits are available, the installation on the majority of them is roughly the same.

Plumbing Basics

  • Most household plumbing systems operate through the force of gravity. Several shut-off valves on a water system exist so that different parts can be worked on without interrupting the entire water supply for the house. Unlike working with electricity, you don't have to worry about injuring yourself if you make a mistake while plumbing. You might just get a little wet.

Shower Setup

  • In bathtubs with showers, a device called a diverter is positioned just after the junction where the hot and cold water supply valves come together. The diverter can take the shape of a handle in the wall, mounted above the faucet, or a handle on the end of the bathtub faucet. Closing the diverter directs the water from the tub faucet up to the shower nozzle.

Han-held Showers

  • Hand-held showers are perfect for bathtubs that don't have a diverter and shower nozzle setup. These fixtures attach to the end of the bathroom tub spout, allowing the user to enjoy a shower without the expense of having to install new plumbing. Most hand-held showers have about 4 to 5 feet of hose to allow the shower head to be held by the user or mounted on the wall.

Installing a Hand-held Shower

  • Hand-held showers are a snap to install, even for the first time DIYer. Most kits come with an adapter that needs to be snapped into the end of the bathtub spout. Different adapters will fit different spouts, so ensure that the adapter in your kit fits in with your specific spout. Once the adapter is installed, the hose end of the shower head connects to the adapter. This also allows the head the freedom to swivel so it can be set in different positions. Some hand-held showers come with an adapter that can be either glued or mounted to the tile wall with screws.

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