What is Wrong if My Briggs & Stratton 15 HP Emptied All the Gas Into the Engine?


The Briggs & Stratton 15.5 HP engine, designed for riding lawn mowers, is called the Intek Series motor. The motor is a single cylinder model with an overhead valve design (OHV), a Teflon-coated sleeve bearing, pressure lubrication and a cast-iron cylinder sleeve. If the Briggs & Stratton empties all of the gas into the engine, there are a few possible reasons why.

Tipped Mower

  • A common reason for gasoline to leak into the mower is if the lawn mower is tipped over or set on its side when there is still gas in the tank. Always run the lawn mower until the gas tank is empty prior to performing any repair or maintenance tasks on the mower or tilting the mower over. In addition, turn the fuel shut-off valve to the “Off” position any time the mower is being transported or tipped.

Overfilled Gas Tank

  • If the fuel tank is overfilled, the tank can leak into the engine. Turn the engine off and allow the mower to cool for at least two minutes before refilling the gas tank. When refilling the gas tank, keep the mower outside and do not remove the fuel tank cap until a couple of minutes after the mower has been turned off. Then remove the gas tank cap and fill the tank with gas, leaving a couple of inches of space between the neck of the fuel tank and the gas level. Checking the fuel tank, line, cap and all other fuel fittings regularly for possible leaks can help prevent gas from leaking into the engine.

Flooded Engine

  • When the engine has flooded, set the mower choke to “Open/Run” and put the throttle into “Fast” mode. Then crank until the mower engine starts. Remember not to choke the carburetor when the mower engine is running. If the fuel spills near the mower as well, allow the spilled gas on the exterior surface completely before attempting to start the engine.


  • Remember that gas in any form is flammable, including gas used for a lawn mower. Keep the lawn mower stored away from any chemicals, solvents or any appliances that use an ignition source such as a furnace or water heater. Never smoke near the lawn mower and check for gas leaks any time the lawn mower has been serviced or cleaned before starting the engine. Use extremely soapy water with a brush on the gas line to look for any bubbles to indicate a gas leak. If the gas line seems to be leaking, contact Briggs-Stratton for service information or another qualified service professional.

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