Codes to Level Up in "DotA"


As a custom modification of "Warcraft III," the real-time strategy game "Defense of the Ancients" focuses on team building and competitive gameplay. Characters play on one of two opposing teams and try to destroy the enemy's base, along with an ancient building. At the beginning of a match, you choose a hero with unique abilities and attributes, and level up as the game progresses. Entering certain "codes" or commands during a match helps you level faster. Players use these commands to test mechanics and practice in-game strategies.

Leveling Up

  • As you kill enemy units and heroes, you gain experience points and receive gold. Leveling up depends on the number of experience points you gain during a game. Leveling is imperative for individual heroes because it increases the damage you deal to enemy forces, improves your attributes and allows you to buy better gear. Items such as the "Boots of Speed" can make or break gameplay, as they increase your character's movement speed and help you stay out of reach of enemy players.

Game Commands

  • Game commands are ways for players to customize "DotA" matches and display useful information. You can use some commands throughout the game; others you must enter within 15 seconds of the start. Single-player commands designed specifically for testing game mechanics are automatically active in single player mode. To activate single player commands in a multiplayer game, press the "Enter" key and type "-test" into the field. Every command must have "-" before the entry to work properly.

"DotA" Leveling Commands

  • In single-player or test mode, you can enter a command to level your hero by one or multiple levels. The command is "-lvlup" for one level or "-lvlup #" for multiple levels, replacing the "#" with any number up to 25. Other single-player commands that help with leveling include "-refresh" and "-gold #"; you can enter these multiple times during a single match. The "Refresh" command restores your health and mana, and resets all your cooldowns. The "Gold" command gives you the amount of gold you specify, allowing you to buy items and gear.

"Warcraft III" Commands

  • "DotA" is a modification of "Warcraft III," so commands from "Warcraft" also work in "DotA" games. The command "Motherland [race] [level]" levels your hero by the number you specify. Entering "KeyserSoze [amount]" gives you the specified amount in gold. "ThereIsNoSpoon" gives you unlimited mana, and "AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs" awards you with instant victory over your opponents. Other useful codes include "WarpTen" and "PointBreak." The first increases building speeds, and the second removes the food limit for restoring your hero's health and mana.

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