Is Roomba 562 Better Than 560?

Technology company iRobot’s home care robots perform tedious domestic chores like cleaning floors. Its Roomba floor vacuums work on all types of surfaces and can reach hard-to-clean places, like under furniture. Roombas include models of the 500 series: the top-selling 560 model and the 562 model. The 500 and 562 have many similar features. Depending on your needs, one model might be better for you than the other.

  1. Common Features

    • Both the 560 and 562 are circular devices that use one-touch operation to begin cleaning a room. The devices can sense the barriers in a room and navigate around them as well as underneath chairs, tables and couches. Both Roombas come with a set of small devices that create an invisible barrier that act as a virtual wall so the vacuum does not enter a forbidden area. The filters in the vacuums also trap pollen, dust and other allergens. When a Roomba finishes cleaning a room, it navigates back to its charging base station. You also can program the Roomba to clean at set times.

    560 Features

    • The 560 has a three-stage system to clean floors. It uses a rotating bristle and a beater brush that perform similar to a broom and dustpan. It also has a built-in handle for easy carrying. The 560 comes with one extra filter, a battery charger, a rechargeable battery and a brush cleaning tool. The dimensions of the model are 17 x 18 x 5 inches, and it weights 8.3 pounds.

    562 Features

    • The 562 is a Roomba “Pet Series” vacuum with features that are designed to clean pet hair, cat litter, paw prints and other types of stains and debris from pets. It picks up pet hair from along walls and corners and automatically adjusts its brushes when it moves from carpet to hard floors. It has interchangeable bins -- one made for everyday pet cleaning and the other for more heavy duty jobs. In addition to a battery charging station and a rechargeable battery, the 562 also comes with two filters, a set of three different types of replaceable paddle brushes and two tools to clean the vacuum. The dimensions of the 562 are 21.5 x 19 x 5 inches, and it weights 13.8 pounds. Major pet stores sell the 562.

    560 vs. 562

    • While both the 560 and 562 can complete light to heavy cleansing of carpets and floors, the 562 is better suited to pet owners. A 560 can pick up pet hair, but if you have large dogs or cats that shed a lot or more than one pet, the features of the 562 are more suited to your needs. The downside of the 562 is that is has more parts to replace and clean than the 560. It is also heavier and costs more. Both devices come with a one-year limited warranty.

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