Basic Wiring of a John Deere Push Lawn Mower


A John Deere push mower like all mowers of this style features crucial wiring that connects the ignition wire to the spark plug, the battery to the solenoid and the governor flap to the engine block. If any of these wires become loose or disconnected, the mower won't run. The good news is that you can easily repair most issues with nothing more than a socket wrench even if you have no small-engine troubleshooting experience.

Spark Plug

  • Look along the right side of the mower's engine for the spark plug. Ensure the thin, black ignition wire is inserted into the spark plug. If the wire is disconnected, insert it back into the rear of the plug.

Solenoid Terminal Wire

  • Look at the sides of the John Deere mower's rectangular, black battery. There is one terminal wire in each side. Trace the red, positive terminal wire from the battery back to the rectangular solenoid piece. If the terminal wire isn't connected to the bolt on the left side of the solenoid, you've identified your problem. Loop the wire's loose end over and onto the bolt, then tighten it on the bolt with clockwise turns from your socket wrench.

Starter Motor Wire

  • Check the left side of the solenoid. The starter motor's wire leads back here and connects to a bolt. If it has become disconnected, loop the end of the starter motor wire over the bolt and tighten it with your socket wrench. The " righty-tighty lefty-loosey" rule assists you in remembering that to tighten you'll use a clockwise motion.

Governor Flap Wire

  • Find the flywheel. This is a unique, entirely circular iron piece that sits on top of the mower's engine block. Remove the cover on the flywheel by taking out its bolts with your socket wrench. Pull the flywheel cover off and check the right side. The governor's flap sits here and features a wire that should be connected to a bolt just beneath it. If this wire is not connected to the bolt, loop it over the bolt and tighten the bolt with your socket wrench. Position the flywheel cover back onto the flywheel and reinsert its bolts using your socket wrench.

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