How to Make White Birch Centerpieces


Instead of spending a small fortune on a centerpiece, gather some white birch branches to make one yourself. Elegant white birch branches will lend the warmth and charm of nature to your table. There are many different ways to arrange birch for a centerpiece so you can change the style whenever you want.

Birch Twig Bouquet

  • A bundle of birch twigs makes a lovely bouquet, giving your table centerpiece height so it has a more stately appearance. Use about 24 thin, tapered twigs for the arrangement. Cut them so they're about 18 inches tall, and strip away any leaves. Stand them in a plain glass cylinder vase. Tie a wire metallic ribbon around the vase. A royal blue ribbon complements a white, icy, wintery mood.

Birch Vases

  • Instead of putting branches into a vase, turn them into a vase. Get birch logs approximately 6 to 10 inches long, and select ones that have the edges cut flat. Stand them on end and drill holes into the top cut surface. Poke the stems of cut flowers and branches into the holes, such as delicately curving orchids or winter berry branches with festive red fruits.

Candle Cluster

  • Hollow out the top of birch logs just deep and wide enough to hold a votive or taper candle. For safety, soak the logs in water for a few hours before you light the candles, and don't leave them burning unattended. Arrange a selection of birch log candle holders in varying heights on a silver platter in the center of your table. Add a few evergreen clippings to the platter to make a full, lush bed of greenery around the white birch.

Split Log Centerpiece

  • Take a long birch log and split it completely in half for a very rustic, natural-looking centerpiece. Spread a bed of evergreen branches down the center of your table like a table runner, and lay the long log, split side up, on top of the branches. Lay out some seasonal fruit on top of the split log, such as a row of pears, pomegranates or gourds. Alternatively, snip poinsettia blossoms at the base of the flower and arrange them along the log.

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