My IE Favorites Are Missing


Missing favorites in Microsoft Internet Explorer can prove irritating because you can’t easily access the Web pages that you’ve bookmarked in the Web browser’s Favorites folder. Troubleshoot the problem by tweaking your computer’s registry information.

About IE Favorites

  • Internet Explorer lets you bookmark the Web pages that you want to visit again by adding them to the program’s Favorites folder, which you can access from the browser address bar at the top of the screen. After you bookmark your favorite pages, you can access each page quickly from IE Favorites to save the time and effort of searching the Web for the page. Internet Explorer displays your favorites alphabetically, and you can move them into separate folders to organize your favorites by subject or theme.

Missing IE Favorites

  • Microsoft reports that IE favorites can sometimes disappear from Internet Explorer’s address bar when a user upgrades his computer’s operating system from Microsoft Windows Vista to Microsoft Windows 7. The problem occurs in Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 only when IE8 is included with the Windows 7 installation software. The glitch doesn’t occur on later versions of Internet Explorer or if IE8 is already installed on the Vista computer before the upgrade to Windows 7.

Backup Registry

  • The solution for the missing favorites bug involves tweaking the computer’s registry, which contains essential system information. Before applying the fix, back up your computer’s registry. Type “regedit” into the Search box at the bottom of the Windows Start menu and then click on “Regedit” in the Programs section of the search results. In the Registry Editor window, click the “Computer” tab at the top of the menu on the left. Select “File” followed by “Export” in the main menu to back up and save your computer’s registry.

Restore Missing Favorites

  • Once you’ve backed up the registry, you can resolve the problem by modifying the registry. In the file and folder tree menu on the left, expand “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT" followed by ".URL" and then click and select "PersistantHandler." Double-click “Default” in the main pane and paste "{8CD34779-9F10-4f9b-ADFB-B3FAEABDAB5A}" into the Value Data input box. Click “OK” to save your changes and exit the Registry Editor. Launch Internet Explorer. From the file menu, select “Tools” followed by “Options.” Click the “Content” tab and then click “AutoComplete Settings.” Click and deselect the "Use Windows Search for Better Results" check box. Restart Internet Explorer and return to the “AutoComplete Settings” option. This time, click and select the "Use Windows Search for Better Results" check box. Restart Internet Explorer again to restore your missing favorites.


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