What Is an RNS File?

The RNS file extension is used for audio files most associated with the Reason music composition and editing software. Reason helps professional and amateur musicians compose and record music on their personal computers in non-studio settings. Files from Renoise, another music production software package, formerly used the RNS extension.

  1. Reason Basics

    • Propellerhead, the manufacturer of Reason, describes the software as a virtual studio rack, giving composers the same tools to create and record music that they would have in a physical production studio. These tools include reverb, compressors, vocoders, synthesizers, distortion units and parametric EQs, according to the Propellerhead website. Reason provides a sound bank with different instruments and sound effects, too. You can individualize your rack, choosing which tools and instruments to use.

    Reason Files

    • Music pieces that are made with the Reason software are made in the RNS file format. The composers of the pieces can then make the files available for download. According to Propellerhead, RNS files work across both Mac and Windows operating systems. When emailing RNS files, transferring them over a network connection or uploading them to a Web server, Propellerhead recommends putting the RNS files into a zip file.

    Renoise Basics

    • Like Reason, Renoise is a music composition and editing software package. It enables you to create music -- utilizing production tools, such as a number of sound effects -- and to record it. A major difference with Reason is that Renoise uses mod trackers, which form a grid-like pattern method of organizing and displaying music. Mod trackers show compositions with letters and numbers instead of with musical notes.

    Renoise Files

    • Renoise formerly placed its audio files into RNS files, but Renoise pieces now are saved in files with the extension XRNS. These are zip files. Within the zip file is a file called "Song.xml," and that file is broken down into individual sample files, which are saved with the FLAC file extension.

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