Making Outer Space Party Decorations

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Turn regular rocks into moon rocks with paint and use as a table centerpiece.

The imaginations of kids will soar when you throw a party with an outer space theme, but your budget will remain down to earth if you make the decorations yourself. Common and inexpensive items, such as paper plates and rocks, are easy to turn into party decor with paint, tinfoil and other craft materials. You can go with a single theme, such as the solar system or aliens, or provide a mixture of themes -- just take into account the ages and interests of the guests.

  1. Ceiling Decorations

    • Hanging decorations from the ceiling provides the perfect atmosphere for an outer space party. Paint Styrofoam or plastic balls in the colors of the planets and use fishing line to hang them. Make models of space shuttles with cardboard tubes, construction paper and tinfoil, and hang them so they're flying among the planets. For something fun, use paper plates to create UFOs. Glue a paper bowl upside down onto a paper plate for a classic UFO shape and paint it silver or grey. To add even more atmosphere, cut out stars from construction paper and stick them to the ceiling with a temporary adhesive.

    Wall Decor

    • Adding decor to walls can be a little tricky if you already have pictures and other decorations up. You can take pictures down temporarily and replace with space-related cutouts, such as stars and aliens. You can also drape black fabric, such as sheets, over the walls and pin or glue cutouts made from shimmery paper onto the fabric. For something a little more elaborate, turn your walls into the inside of a space ship, with windows looking out onto the stars and banks of computer equipment, reminiscent of the bridge of the Starship Enterprise. Fasten large sheets of butcher paper to the walls and decorate with paint, markers and glitter.


    • To further the theme of the inside of a spaceship, cover doors leading out of your party room with butcher paper, leaving a slit for the doorknob and use paint or markers to draw your door design. If that's too ambitious or you don't have a convenient door, hang a curtain of stars from a door frame. Cut stars out from glittery paper and tape them at intervals to fishing line and hang several lines over a doorway.

    Table Centerpieces

    • Serve goodies to your guests on a table scattered with homemade moon rocks. You can use plain rocks, but to dress things up, find large rocks and spray paint them in shades of silver, grey and white. Table centerpieces can also do double duty as an art station activity for kids. Wrap jars and boxes with tinfoil and fill with art supplies, such as pipe cleaners, plastic eyes and construction paper, and ask the kids to create their own space aliens.

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