What Do You Have to Do in Slateport City in "Pokemon"?


In the Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald versions of “Pokemon,” the developers at Nintendo added dozens of new creatures, the ability to use two Pokemon in battle and new areas to the world of Hoenn, including the massive Slateport City. Though this city doesn't have a trainer's gym, players will find plenty to do here. The contents and tasks of Slateport City vary slightly depending on the version of the game.


  • Slateport City's main task once again pits you against Team Magma or Aqua, depending on your version of the game. The team has blockaded the city's museum and Route 110. You must talk to the man on the first floor of the ship-building factory, deliver the Devon Goods item to Captain Stern and confront the opposing team in the museum to access Route 110. From 110's cycling road, you can access the optional Trick Master's house, head west on Route 103 to find berries and item balls or continue on 110 to face your rival trainer and her two compatriots. After the battle, you can head on to Mauville City.


  • Across the three versions of the game, 12 types of Pokemon dwell in Slateport City. In the city proper, you will find the water-type Pokemon Magikarp, Pelipper, Tentacool, Wailmer and Wingull. Route 110 and the cycling road host more diverse Pokemon, including the electric Electrike, Minun and Plusle, poison-type Gulpin, grass-type Oddish and dark-type Zigzagoon.


  • In “Pokemon Emerald,” the woman standing in the top left-hand corner of Slateport City's medicine shops gives you the Powder Jar item, which you can used to hold berries. Bring a jar of crushed berries back to her and she will make them into medicine. In all versions, a member in the museum gives you the Thief ability if you talk to him. Completing the puzzles at the Trick Master's house yields items such as Rare Candy, item balls, the Taunt ability, Magnet and Blue Tent.


  • At the Name Rater, located in the house left of the Pokemon Center in all versions of the game, you can change one of your Pokemon's names. The Emerald version of Slateport City features a Battle Tent in the northwestern corner. At this tent, you can enter three rental Pokemon in a battle against opposing trainers to win an exclusive prize.

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