What Can You Do With the Slowpoke Tail in "Pokemon SoulSilver"?


"Pokemon SoulSilver" a revamped version of "Pokemon Silver," was released in 2009. The Slowpoke is one of the larger Pokemon and is the slowest-moving of all Pokemon (hence, its name.) The Slowpoke Tail is the most expensive item offered in the entire "Pokemon SoulSilver" game, but since the price-tag is so high, players cannot purchase it -- leaving many to wonder exactly what a Slowpoke Tail can actually do.

Use of Slowpoke Tail

  • The Slowpoke Tail item does not have any actual in-game effect. The item is mentioned during the "Pokemon Silver," "Pokemon Gold," "Pokemon Crystal," "Pokemon SoulSilver," and "Pokemon HeartGold" as a "tasty snack" by members of the enemy group, Team Rocket, however it is not possible to consume the tail during the game. The item cannot be given away or used on your Pokemon, so it has no in-game use and is considered to be a scam by Team Rocket.

Previous Slowpoke Tails In Pokemon Games

  • The Slowpoke tail appears in "Pokemon SoulSilver" and its counterpart game "Pokemon HeartGold," but this was not the first time it was included in a Pokemon game. The item was introduced in "Pokemon Silver" and "Pokemon Gold," and was then included in the "Pokemon Crystal" game as well.

Slowpoke Tail Cost

  • The Slowpoke Tail is offered for a sum of $1,000,000 by a man who is standing near the Pokemon Center on Route 32 in "Pokemon SoulSilver." The item is actually impossible to obtain: The maximum amount of money that a player can ever hold at one time in "Pokemon SoulSilver" is $999,999.

The Lagging Tail

  • The Lagging Tail is an item found in "Pokemon SoulSilver" and "Pokemon HeartGold," and is a different item than the Slowpoke Tail. However, the Lagging Tail may often be confused with the Slowpoke Tail since it may be taken from a Slowpoke, and is found in the arms of a wild Slowpoke. The Lagging Tail is found only in the wild, in the possession of a wild Slowpoke on Route 47. This item, when held by a Pokemon, will make the Pokemon holding it always move last during battles. It can be held by any Pokemon, not just the wild Slowpoke, once it is acquired.

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