What Size of a Square Will Fit on Top of a 72-Inch Round Table?


A 72-inch round table is a relatively large table that is ideal for larger gatherings, such as a wedding banquet or a large dinner party. If you would like to add a square to the table for decorative purposes or to add a raised tabletop to it, you can use several different sizes of squares to achieve the look you want.

72 Inch

  • A 72-inch square can cover your 72-inch table completely if you want to convert your round table to a square table. Although the shape is different, your round table is measured by the diameter, the length across the circle. This length is equal to one side of your square.

36 Inches

  • A 36-inch square is the largest square that you can fit on top of your 72-inch round table without having the round table's edges protruding. This is because the radius of a 72-inch circle is 36 inches, which represents one side of the square. This format will allow for a round table with a square on top of it, with equal excess space on each side of the square.

24 Inch

  • A 24-inch square will provide your 72-inch round table with a large square in the middle that is noticeable but won't dominate the space. A square this size provides a useful space on which to place a centerpiece with multiple components, such as a series of candles. You can also place a large, dramatic floral arrangement on top of the 24-inch square.

18 Inch

  • An 18-inch square takes up half of the space that the largest possible square for a 72-inch round table occupies. A square this size frees up space around the table so you can place your table settings without making the arrangement feel cramped. Guests will also have more space to move items around the table with this size square.

9 Inch

  • A 9-inch square provides an understated addition to a table. This square occupies only a small portion of the table space, so guests can feel like ample space is available. A square of this size can be placed in the center of the table to keep items handy, such as cream and sugar for your coffee or spices to add to your dinner. If you want to make the square area bigger, simply add three more squares of the same size to equal a 36-inch square.

1 Inch

  • Mosaic tile typically comes in 1-inch squares. Place as many 1-inch squares as you want to form a mosaic pattern. Don't exceed 32 squares in any one direction. This look will add a focal point to your table.

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