Poptropica Cheats for Super Power Island Betty Jetty

The virtual game world in "Poptropica" features different islands, each with a unique storyline and main quest to solve. Completing an island earns a medal and 100 credits to purchase items in the "Poptropica" Store. Super Power Island debuted in July 2008 after Carrot Island, and the main quest involves six villains with super powers. To defeat the last criminal named Betty Jetty, you need to acquire certain items, gain an important super power and catch the criminal to put her back behind bars.

  1. Superhero Items

    • Collecting items from the stores and buildings on Super Power Island helps you fight the villains and complete your quest. The first item is the Superhero's Handbook, obtained by walking into the Comic Book Store and talking to a boy wearing glasses. Next, visit Masks and Capes for your superhero ID card and costume. Afterward, swim to the prison island to collect the super villain files and anti-power handcuffs. These handcuffs are necessary to capture and arrest the criminals on Super Power Island.

    Copy Cat and Speeding Spike

    • To gain your super power and capture Betty Jetty, first defeat the other five criminals. The first one is Copy Cat. Defeat her by catching all the villain's copies before the bank fills with smoke. This timed exercise is easier if you take the elevator to the top floor before you talk to her. Speeding Spike is the next villain; catch him by dodging his charges and luring him to a wet spot on the floor. When he slips and falls, arrest him with the anti-power handcuffs.

    Sir Rebral and Ratman

    • Sir Rebral's super power is controlling rocks -- position your character so that the rocks hit him instead of you. When the ground starts shaking, find the gray movable rock and push it onto a piece of erupting earth. The goal is to fling the rock and stun Sir Rebral, so that you can get close enough to arrest him. Ratman is located in the sewers, which you can access from the bathroom in the City Park. To defeat Ratman, click the red wheel to stun him and jump over the pipes to reach him. The trick is to arrest him quickly before the flies sting you.


    • Crusher is the last criminal before Betty Jetty. He is in the junkyard, standing on a rusted car. To capture him, sneak past him to the crane and jump inside. Using the controls, pick up a refrigerator and drop it on Crusher. He throws the refrigerator and knocks you off the crane; run back and return to the controls, dodging the flying oil cans. Flip the control to turn on the magnet and bring the hood of the car upwards, effectively smashing Crusher.

    Betty Jetty

    • Defeating all five criminals before pursuing Betty Jetty unlocks a secret super power. Travel to the costume shop and click the ringing telephone booth to receive the ability to fly. Afterward, walk downtown and find the skyscraper partitioned off with police tape. Click the flight icon to activate your super power and fly to the roof of the building where Betty Jetty awaits. When she flies away, fly after her, dodging the green energy balls she throws at you. The trick is to get physically close enough to touch her. When you do, the action knocks Betty Jetty down to the roof where Ned Noodlehead helps you arrest her.

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