Samsung Dishwasher Drain Removal


Many different models of Samsung dishwashers may develop problems with the drain system. The drain system relies on a hose, typically attached to the side of the dishwasher near the floor. This hose is not very big and can easily become clogged with debris or kinked, preventing water from draining out. There is some troubleshooting you can do to make sure the problem warrants a service call.


  • Check the drain inside the unit to be certain it is not blocked by food or other debris. Pull the dishwasher out from the wall or cabinet so you can access the drain hose. It should be straight or loosely looped so there are no pinched or kinked places. Straighten out any kinks or pinched areas and see if the dishwasher drains correctly. Turn off the breaker or fuse that powers the dishwasher then switch it back on. Check to see if any water drained out.

Drain Problems

  • Indications of a clogged drain or kinked or pinched hose on a Samsung dishwasher include an "SE" error code and foul odors and standing water in the appliance after the last cycle. If you smell an odor, run the dishwasher with soap but no dishes to clean the inside of it. If this helps the odor, you likely don't have a drainage issue. Persistent odors indicate faulty draining.


  • If your unit was professionally installed, do not attempt to pull it out. Call an authorized technician to service your machine. If the drain is clogged and you are unable to reach the clog from the drainpipe end of the hose, you will likely need the assistance of a service technician. Remember that, as with most appliances, anything you do may void an existing warranty on the machine. Calling a technician will keep the warranty intact.


  • If you choose to service the drain in your dishwasher yourself, be sure to disconnect it from the power source first. Also turn off the water supply to the unit to prevent flooding. When you disconnect the drain hose from the main pipe, there will be a soup bowl's worth of water that comes out so have some absorbent towels on hand.

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