Why Is Being Committed to a Team Important?

Work together to achieve a common goal.
Work together to achieve a common goal. (Image: BananaStock/BananaStock/Getty Images)

In order for any team to be successful, its members must be committed to its success. Members of teams learn to communicate and depend on each other to successfully achieve their joint goals. By being aware of each member's individual contribution to the team, and the overall accomplishment of the entire team, each member can take pride from start to completion of the team's mission.

Achievement of a Common Goal

Having a common team goal unites a group of individuals who have a variety of personal goals to achieve. Each individual team member will have a goal within the team, based on his responsibility and job assignment. However, the members' common goal will tie them together to accomplish the team goal, which is the completion of a specified task or assignment. A clear understanding of the common goal will help each team member commit to the successful completion of that goal.

Accountability to Peers

By committing to a team, each member learns her individual level of accountability to her fellow team members. This applies to sports teams, work teams and any team in which several people contribute to the common goal. Members will understand the value of their individual contributions. They will see how each person's performance affects the other members of the team. Individuals need to feel a sense of responsibility toward fellow team members and see how their own success influences the rest of the team and the goal.

Establishing Good Working Relationships

Teams help establish good working relationships among their members. Lines of communication are opened through discussion of goals, assignment of individual tasks and responsibilities and ongoing feedback during the process to eliminate obstacles to success. When team members make a commitment based on sound information and continued updates on the status and progress of a project, the team is stronger and the work flows more smoothly. Each member cooperates with requests from other team members and team leaders when there is a clear agenda throughout the project.

Accountability to Management

When team members make a commitment to each other for the good of the team, they also make a commitment to the team leader, whether it is a teacher, coach, manager or other company official. If a team, as a group, feels it is contributing to the success of a team leader’s project, its members in turn feel a sense of accomplishment when the project is completed successfully. With a clear vision of the end result, and positive feedback from higher authorities throughout the process, the team will continue to be successful and reap the rewards of its commitment.

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