Accessorizing a Teal Green Dress

Teal lies halfway between blue and green, and is flattering for many complexions. Teal green dresses offer the possibilities of coordinating with accessories in other bright colors or neutrals.The richness of teal also shines through in a variety of textures. It's loved by designers such as Diane von Furstenberg and Jimmy Choo, and is worn to great effect by the fashion-forward Michelle Obama. Teal is many things, but boring isn't one of them.

  1. Neutrals

    • Teal goes best with warmer neutrals, such as brown and cream tones. Pair a teal green dress with a beige belt, chocolate pumps, or a cream-colored pearl bracelet. Camel and teal work especially well together, so top your teal green dress with a camel-hair coat for timeless style. Cool-toned neutrals that pair well with teal green include grays or white. A white lace shawl with a teal green dress enables the color to show through while subduing its effect up top. Black tends to drain teal of its punch as a color.

    Brights and Pastels

    • Teal works very well with many brights and pastels, such as deeper shades of pink, light peach, coral, and all shades of yellow. Orange and teal can be a risky move, but a small amount of orange in a different texture, such as a patent leather orange belt over a teal green wool dress, is worth the gamble. Teal can work well with many shades of blue and green, but keep some contrast between the value of the tones. A mint green can work with teal, but a kelly green might compete too much for the eye's attention. All shades of purple can work with teal. Teal is a bold color, and pairing it with equally bold colors can create stunning effects.

    Texture and Tint

    • Teal green can also be paired with accessories of the same hue, but different values. Pastels with the same balance of blue and green as your dress can continue the blue-green hue throughout your ensemble for those who want something with more punch than the neutral tones, but not quite as eye-catching as the contrasting brights and pastels. Pastels with more green or blue than your dress can be worn as contrasting brights.Texture provides a more subtle contrast, but keeps a monochromatic look fresh. If your dress is satin, try a matching wrap in velvet. If you can find leather or leather-look shoes to match your dress, you can continue the teal down to your toes without looking like a bridesmaid.


    • Silver and gold pair equally well with teal, and shoes and a bag in silver or gold can be paired with many colors for formal events. But if you find accessories in copper or bronze, these less-common metallics make teal shine. If you have a very light fringed wrap, get some bronze-colored beads at a craft store with a beading needle. Thread the beads onto the fringe, and your wrap will have the added weight needed to keep it from flying in the breeze and your outfit will have a personal touch.

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