Decorating Champagne Glasses With Sharpies for New Year's


Whether you're using disposable plastic champagne cups or glass ones that you want to use year after year, oil-based Sharpie paint markers can customize them.

Step 1: Preparing the Glasses

Before decorating the glasses, clean them. If you're using glass or reusable plastic glasses, wash them and let them dry completely. If you're using new disposable plastic ones, then you can skip this step.

Step 2: Decorating the Glasses


    • Start your design 1/2 inch down from the top of the
      glass so that a drinker's lips won't actually touch the ink. This will help the
      design last longer.
    • If you decorate each glass slightly differently, you won't need to use wine charms.

There are several ways you can decorate the glasses freehand:

  • Go crazy with polka dots all over the glasses, either in one color or many.
  • Draw a design, such as fireworks, squiggles or zigzags.
  • Write words such as "Cheers," "Party," "Celebrate," or "Happy New Year!"

If you're not confident freehanding the design, there are several ways you can create a pattern:

  • Use your printer to create a pattern you can trace onto the glasses. Type words like "Happy New Year," print them out, and cut around the words so that the paper will fit inside the glasses. Place the piece of paper inside the glass and use painter's tape to hold the paper where you want it; centered works well. Then use Sharpies to trace the words on the outside of the glass. 
  • Put scrapbooking stickers, such as the numbers for the new year, on the glasses, and draw around them. Then remove the stickers. Scrapbooking stickers easily peel right off glass and hard plastic.
  • Make a swirl design by using painter's tape. Wrap the tape around the glasses. Start at the stem and work your way up, for example. Leave a little bit of space between the tape -- 1/4 inch or so. Fill in the exposed glass with color. Then remove the painter's tape.
  • Make stripes with painter's tape. Put a piece of the tape around the middle of the glass. Trace around the top and bottom of the tape. Remove the tape. Repeat as desired to create a striped effect.

Don't forget about the bottom of the glasses. You could fill the whole bottom with one color, or you could make a design, such as a star, stripes or a bunch of polka dots.

Step 3: Heat-Setting the Glasses


  • This step should only be taken if you're using reusable champagne glasses made out of glass. Do not put plastic glasses in the oven; they will melt.

After you've decorated the glasses, you'll want to set the design by baking the glasses in the oven. Set the glasses in a cold oven, turn the oven to 350 degrees, and set a timer for 30 minutes. Turn the oven off when the timer goes off, but leave the glasses in the oven until they're completely cool.


    • If you don't want the Sharpie decorations to be permanent, don't bake the glasses. When you want to remove the designs, write over them with another Sharpie and wipe the markings off while the new ink is still wet. You'll be left with a plain, design-free glass.
    • Hand-wash after decorating. 

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