The Best Characters to Use in "Star Ocean"

The first in a series of role-playing video games for the PlayStation, the Xbox and other popular consoles, "Star Ocean" plays as a Science Fiction space opera with elements of magical fantasy. The plot involves a strange virus infecting an alien planet and turning its inhabitants to stone. Players can choose from a number of different characters, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. While opinions may vary, the game contains a few players who could be considered better than most others.

  1. Ratix Farrence

    • Ratix Farrence, the main protagonist in the "Star Ocean" universe, is a native of the planet Roak and the sworn protector of his home town, Clatos. Ratix possesses exceptional skills with long swords and inflicts significant damage with most of his attacks. He's also quick and agile, allowing him to outmaneuver his opponents. Ratix can perform secret Hissatsuwaza attacks such as the 7-Star Twin Slash that can destroy most enemies, and his skill levels feature higher maximum ratings than those of other characters.

    Milly Kiliet

    • Secretly in love with her friend Ratix, Milly Kiliet studied fighting under her father and utilizes staves in battle. While she doesn't possess any powerful attacks and dies easier than most, Milly still ranks among the best characters due to her exceptional healing abilities. She proves particularly valuable later in the game when other characters turn to stone, since her magic healing ability can cure this condition.

    Dorn Marto

    • Dorn Marto protects Clatos alongside his best friends Ratix and Milly. Dorn performs similarly to Ratix in terms of agility and sword skills, executing lethal slashing attacks. The game only permits you to use Dorn for a brief amount of time, however, so enjoy it while it lasts.

    Ronixis Kenny

    • The human captain of the Federation Starship Calnus, Ronixis Kenny investigates the planet Roak and its virus outbreak. While there, he learns magic from Milly and proves an excellent student. Along with powerful magic attacks, he uses a bow during battle, increasing his striking range and making him more dangerous than ordinary spell casters.

    Iria Silvestoli

    • Iria Silvestolie, Kenny's chief science officer, possesses intelligence and toughness, making her easy to upgrade and capable of taking out opponents with strong combo attacks. She gets more powerful as the game progresses and she learns additional techniques, including the Dragon Fist and the Phoenix Star, during which she transforms into a phoenix and launches herself at the enemy.

    Joshua Jerand

    • The only character in the game who can employ both attacking and healing magic, Joshua Jerand is a winged Mage who resembles an angel. Joshua's basic attacks are exceptionally fast, but pack little punch. His true value comes in his magical abilities, with healing skills second to only Milly's. His best spells may be the Meteor Swarm, which calls upon falling meteors to strike foes and inflict serious damage, and Extinction, which eradicates all damaged enemies.

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