What Are the Dragons in "Real Heroes Firefighter"?

"Real Heroes: Firefighter" is a first person shooter video game that places you in a world that has gone up in flames. Your role as a firefighter is to rescue people from burning buildings, with a fire extinguisher carried on your back. However, fires are not the only dangerous element in the game to worry about. When you get to the Medieval Kingdom at the end of the game, you are met with a fire breathing dragon to battle.

  1. Dragon's Lair

    • You will meet the dragon in the dragon's lair in the eighth level of the game. The dragon's lair -- and level eight -- is set at an amusement park in Medieval times, and the story is that the mechanical dragon on the amusement park ride has malfunctioned and caused a fire. Here, you must get through the amusement park and make it through the haunted house ride alive in order to come to the dragon's underground lair. You even have to battle with some other creatures in the haunted house, and of course there is plenty of fire and lava for you to encounter too.

    Dragon Battle

    • The dragon battle is the last battle you have to do in Real Heroes: Firefighter. In this battle you must rescue people from the malfunctioned dragon's captivity, while being sure to not get killed by the fire the dragon blows at you. To avoid getting hit and losing life points from the dragon's fire, use the fog from the extinguisher as a shield. According to IGN Entertainment, this method works effectively for keeping your character alive throughout the battle.

    What to Expect

    • When you reach the dragon's lair you will see the red giant dragon, with wings, floating in the air above you. Fire from the dragon's breath will spew around on the ground -- looking like lava -- as you make your way through the lair. There are people in the lair for you to rescue who were passengers on the ride. Some people are even stuck in the mechanical seats of the ride. The dragon is held up by ropes that you must cut with your axe in order to bring the dragon down to your level.

    Defeating the Dragon

    • The dragon can be defeated by aiming for the dragon's head with the extinguisher and your hose. The dragon will breathe blue fire and red fire at the ground. When the blue fire is present you can cause more damage to the dragon by keeping your hose fixed to his head to counteract the blue flames. Blue holes appear on the side of the dragon's body, which you should aim at with the hose to help defeat him. Eventually, the dragon's head falls to the floor.

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