Decorating With "That 70's Show" Look

The hit TV program, “That '70s Show,” provides a nostalgic if somewhat unrealistic portrayal of the 1970s. The show’s creators focus heavily on period authenticity in the look and feel of the show, making it an excellent reference for anyone interested in a retro 1970s decorating scheme. Create a harmonized design plan that incorporates your favorite elements from the show alongside genuine retro pieces from a thrift shop or flea market.

  1. Color Scheme

    • The 1970s are perhaps best known for heavily incorporating such fall colors as harvest gold and green. As “That '70s Show” demonstrates, however, color schemes were not static throughout the decade. If you want an early 1970s feel, incorporate some bright 1960s colors such as hot pink. If you prefer late 1970s flair, bring in additional earth tones and pastels.


    • Shag carpet was ubiquitous throughout the 1970s, making it an excellent choice for any retro 1970s room. Like the color options, however, flooring choices in the 1970s were nearly as diverse as they are today. If you do not want to change the flooring, use throw rugs in bright, bold colors to break up the room into smaller seating areas.


    • Floral patterns and bright colors played an important role in 1970s furnishings. Some people preferred vintage pieces, while others liked the sleek “mod” look that carried over from the 1960s. Beanbag chairs, floor cushions and low tables were popular. Vintage pieces are often available in local thrift stores. Look for items that are structurally sound. It is easy and inexpensive to re-cover chairs and sofas in vintage colors, and to re-paint or re-stain worn wooden pieces.

    Accent Pieces

    • Lava lamps, black light and psychedelic artwork, and music posters were popular throughout the 1970s. Throw pillows and handcrafted blankets added a personalized touch. The 1970s, like the 1960s, were a time of self-expression, so create items that show off your own style. Macrame, knitting, basket weaving and woodworking were common 1970s hobbies. Look for retro TVs, stereo systems and even early computers to complete the effect.

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