What Happens if You're Reported on "Moshi Monsters?"

"Moshi Monsters" is an online social networking game for kids, although a person can be any age to join. Mind Candy, the makers of the game, intend the website to be free of swearing, bullying and other rude (and sometimes illegal) behaviors. Failure to follow the rules can result in another player reporting the "bad behavior" on the website's contact form. What happens after you're reported can impact your ability to play the game.

  1. Bad Behavior

    • When you access the contact form on "Moshi Monsters," one of the available topics you can select is "Report bad behavior." This is how you or another player may come to be reported, if a "Moshi Monsters" employee does not witness the bad behavior firsthand. "Bad behavior" includes posting any material not appropriate for children. Using curse words, posting sexual material and calling other players names all counts as bad behavior. Players also cannot joke at the expense of another player's feelings and they cannot post copyrighted materials, such as images, trademarked names and songs. Putting up viruses or malware is also bad behavior.

    Review of Behavior

    • After the report of bad behavior, a "Moshi Monsters" moderator will review the evidence of bad behavior. In some cases, such as postings on the forum, official news blog or on another player's "Moshi Monsters" room wall, the evidence may still be there for the moderator to see. In other cases, a screenshot that the complaining player takes may be used as evidence. However, since images can be manipulated, the screenshot may not be enough to warrant more than a warning.


    • Depending on the number of offenses, the degree of the offense and the available evidence, a player with a bad behavior report may face immediate banning from the site, and that player's account wil be closed. If the "Moshi Monsters" employees are unable to find sufficient evidence or if they find the offense to be light enough, they may not immediately ban the player. Instead, they will issue a warning so that the player knows that "Moshi Monsters" is monitoring his actions.

    Other Considerations

    • Children in elementary school make up the intended audience of the "Moshi Monsters" game, so users should play the game without causing offense to the children or making any children feel uncomfortable. If you see bad behavior, take a screenshot and report the bad behavior to the "Moshi Monsters" website. The "Moshi Monsters" employees are not able to monitor all of the website at all times, so they may not know about the behavior without a player report. It is possible that a banned player may return if she accesses the website through another account or another IP address. Continue to report any harassment so that the website will block the player's new means of accessing the game.

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