How Simplifying Your Life Helps You

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Taking time to reflect is a simple but necessary task.

If,when you look at your life, you see the markers of stress such as poor health and mental or physical tiredness, it could be time to consider simplifying your life. This does not mean giving away possessions and isolating yourself. Simplifying means taking charge and getting to the center of what makes your life more livable, healthier and happier. Taking time to seek out a simpler life for yourself will require making changes in your behavior. In the end you will appreciate and enjoy the new life you have designed.

  1. You Regain Control

    • Simplifying and clearing up your living spaces by getting rid of clutter makes an immediate difference. When areas around you are disorganized you will feel out of control and stressed out. In the back of your mind you will always be thinking that something needs to be addressed or cleaned, leading you to feel overwhelmed. Resolve this by working on one area at a time. Throw away old mail, clean out your closets, organize your kitchen and rearrange your office or bedroom. When you have created a workable, functional livable space without the clutter that prevents you from focusing on the tasks at hand, your life will be simpler and less stressful.

    You No Longer Multitask

    • While you may feel that you are getting lots of things done by multitasking, in reality you are developing the groundwork for a cluttered mind where many tasks are left incomplete. Simplifying your thoughts is key to relaxation and as a bonus you will be surprised at how much you can get done by focusing on one task at a time. Simplify your daily activities by creating a to-do list. Methodically tackle each, checking them off one at a time. Don't allow your mind to run forward and consider the upcoming work. Adding this structure to your day takes the pressure off of you. You will benefit from the simplicity of having a clearly defined plan to work through.

    You Set Priorities

    • Simplifying is about deciding what is most important to be done and separating this from what is not a priority. When you realize what is most important to you it makes it easier to manage your life. Setting priorities in your life comes by understanding your role in your family life, your work responsibilities and by becoming attuned to your mental and physical needs. For example, if being healthy is a priority, then simplify your diet and avoid work lunches that work against your goals. Many times you will have to learn to say no to family and friends to stick with your set priorities, but the benefits of trimming and simplifying your responsibilities to others will be worth it in the long run.

    You Feel Great

    • There are palpable benefits to simplifying your life. Experts at The Mayo Clinic have documented reductions in blood pressure and mental stress as a result of patients leading simpler lives. When you simplify you allow yourself the space to regain clarity in your life. You become more present and can hear and follow your own voice rather than that of others. You will avoid pursuing material gain through consumption that clutters both your mind, body and home. Simplifying your financial situation to reduce debts and spending will certainly reduce your worry about needs to fulfill such obligations. Peace, serenity and a more focused life will now become more commonplace for you.

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