An Idea for a Tennessee Titans Party

Football and the Tennessee Titans are reason enough to hold a party, but a few ideas to make yours even better can't hurt. The staples for most football-team themed parties include: team banners, food, libations, and a television to watch the game. However, adding a few new twists makes the party flow smoother, allowing your guests to have even more fun. Although party basics should be followed, adding your own Titan twists requires a little imagination.

  1. Decoration

    • The decorations should be Titan-themed, but some ideas show a little attention to Titan detail, something that true Titan fans are sure to recognize. Use banners, plates, cups and napkins with the Tennessee Titan's logo. In addition, try hanging some posters of the top Titans, like quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, or running back Chris Johnson, or a commemorative poster of the Titans visit to the Super Bowl.


    • Provide a little fun before and after the game by playing Tennessee Titan trivia. Have the most knowledgeable Titan fan available come up with some interesting facts and questions about the team, and randomly ask guests the questions. You can even spice it up, by awarding small prizes for correct answers. Also, prepare a square board, numbering zero through nine at the top and side of the board. Place the Titans name across the top, and the opposing team on the side. Make a square for each number column (100 total), and have guests randomly fill their name in the squares. At the end of each quarter, take the last numbers of each team's score, and match them to the board to find a winner. For example: Titans 21, New York 10, line the Titans one column to the New York zero column to find the winner. Have prizes for each winner.

    Face Painting

    • If you have a talented, (or not-so-talented) artist coming to the party, try a little pre-game face painting. Painting faces with the Titan's blue/light blue color scheme, favorite players' jersey numbers, or even a flaming "T" on one cheek is certain to liven up the party, and show who the real Titan's fans are. Face paints that easily wash off can be purchased at party supply stores, or online.

    Party Basics

    • Make the party simple so you can join in the fun as well. Put food out buffet-style, with easy to eat items, such as chips, chicken wings and pizza. Have a self serve bar/refreshment table so guests can make their own libations. Provide plenty of paper plates, napkins and cups so you won't have to fetch more during the game.

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