Frosting Technique for Hiding Grey Hair

When the dreaded first few strands of grey arrive, you can get rid of them by simply plucking them out. As time goes on and the grey takes over, you’ll want to get more strategic with hair color. Whether you dye your hair at home or go to a salon, the smartest approach to masking greys is to apply color in streaks or highlights, rather than applying one solid color.

  1. Choosing a Color

    • Since you’re using color to hide greys, which are “non-pigmented” stands, select a shade that isn’t too dark. Darker strands only heighten the contrast with greys, making them that much more prominent, and also adding to the visibility of grey regrowth at the part. To avoid this, choose a shade like platinum or ash blond for your frosted highlights. When a few greys do show up, they will blend more naturally with the platinum highlights, making the overall look more harmonious.

    Using Foils

    • Professional stylists most frequently use foils to frost hair. After you and your colorist decide which shade you’re going with, she will mix the color, then apply it with a brush to selected strands. The colored strands are then wrapped in foil and you will sit for at least 30 minutes while they process. The advantage to using a foil technique to frost your hair is that you have control over where the highlights will appear. This is ideal if you are using coloring to mask greys; you can focus on adding the lighter color where you’re are most likely to get grey hairs, at the temples for example.

    Cap Technique

    • Using a cap to frost hair is a common in-home method. You cover your hair with a plastic, close-fitting cap, then, using a hook similar to a crochet needle, you pull strands of hair through the perforated cap. This is the preferable method if you want to frost smaller strands of hair all over your head. Since a greater percentage of the hair will be frosted, a greater percentage of greys will be covered.

    More Tips for Hiding Grays

    • You can choose to enhance, rather than hide your grey, by using highlights. Women who decide to let their grey hair grow in can add platinum or cool ash highlights for a polished and elegant look. Another way to mask grey is to use an in-home color extending product. These products require that you apply only a small amount of color at the roots, where the grey is showing up. Root touch-ups extend the life of your original color process, which saves time and money.

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