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Episode 12-9 in "Angry Birds" can be one of the most challenging for fans of the game. You need three stars in all of the Ham 'Em High episodes in order to get a golden egg, which means you need to master this episode to get that golden egg. Eight pigs are barricaded in wooden scaffolds in front of a thick wall. Behind the wall is a cave with a treasure box. A box of TNT is in the base of the scaffolds, another is hanging from a rope above and two more are at the mouth of the cave in front of concrete slabs protecting the cave.

Three Birds

  • You can get three stars in this episode using all three birds. The first bird needs to be launched at a 30-degree angle so he hits the wooden scaffolds in front of the third story where the wall meets the floor so he destroys the two pigs near the scaffold. The second bird needs to be launched at a 40-degree angle so he strikes the floor of the third story, falling to the ground and exploding, taking out four more pigs. Launch the final pig at a 30-degree angle so he crashes through the scaffolds on the ground floor and stops beside the wall next to the TNT. When the bird explodes, he takes out the remaining pigs, most of the wood and the TNT, giving you enough points for three stars.

Two Birds

  • Using two birds is a bit trickier and may not result in more points than using three birds. You will get a 10,000 point bonus for not using the last bird, but you destroy less of the structure. Launch the first bird at a 45-degree angle so he crashes through the wooden square on the fourth floor and then launch the second bird at the same angle. The second bird crashes through the scaffolds. When the second bird explodes, all of the pigs are annihilated, along with the TNT and much of the wood.

Treasure Chest

  • You will have to forego killing the pigs to get the treasure chest. Launch all three birds at the mouth of the cave to try and break through the concrete to get to the treasure chest. Don't get discouraged if you don't break through the concrete on your first attempt; it can take a few attempts to break through the concrete. The treasure is actually empty and does not result in a new golden egg.

Golden Egg and Star

  • After getting three stars in this episode, you need to get three stars in all the other Ham 'Em High episodes to unlock the Total Destruction golden egg. You can unlock a star on this golden egg episode by pushing the right side of the accordion in and then pulling it out and holding the accordion open for a second or two. The accordion rips open, revealing the star.

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