What's the Artifact Hunt in "MapleStory"?

“MapleStory” is a two-dimensional, side-scrolling online role-playing game. In the United States, Nexon publishes this game and provides it for free, though some special game extras must be purchased using real money. Characters in “MapleStory” adventure through the Maple World, fighting monsters and other enemies and finding swords, artifacts and other items. Once per year, Nexon holds an Ancient Artifact Hunt event for players with special rewards.

  1. Artifact Hunt

    • The Ancient Artifact Hunt occurs once per year at no scheduled time. It lasts between two weeks and a month. During the hunt, players must gather Mysterious Artifacts from monsters and collect excavation points. Players who reach 5,000 excavation points can acquire the Archaeologist Hat and Archaeologist Glasses for the duration of the event.


    • The Archaeologist Hat, Archaeologist Face Paint and Archaeologist Glasses provide statistics boosts when worn. To use either item, your character must be at least level 13. The Hat provides plus 2 bonuses to strength, dexterity, intelligence and luck. The Glasses offer the same plus 2 bonuses, as well as 20 each of Weapon and Magic defenses and plus 100 Charm experience points. As of 2011, you can also earn Archaeologist Face Paint, which provides 10 each Weapon and Magic Defense, as well as plus 3 to strength, dexterity, intelligence and luck, plus 30 to Accuracy and Avoidability and plus 100 Charm experience. Wearing two pieces of equipment from this set provides plus 10 speed and jump, as well as plus 2 to all stats. All three pieces provide an extra plus 100 to maximum hit points and magic points and plus 3 to all stats.

    Extra Achievements

    • The top 10 archaeologists in the Ancient Artifact Hunt receive permanent Archaeologist equipment at the end of the event. Players who uncover eight different treasures and return them to their owners receive a Mystical Artifact Discoverer Medal, which provides plus 1 stat bonuses and plus 5 speed and jump. If you maintain a top 10 spot for a week or more, you get an Artifact Top 10 Medal, and if you reach 30,000 excavation points, you'll get a special mount skill.

    Cash Shop

    • Like other “MapleStory” events, the Ancient Artifact Hunt features extra options for players who pay with real world money. The Cash Shop offers a 2X Point Card that doubles the number of excavation points you receive for a period of three hours, one day or a full week.

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