Good Luck Bag Ideas for Dance Team Tryouts

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A good luck gift bag can help inspire a performance worthy of a standing ovation.

A "Good Luck!" present is almost always warmly received and appreciated by the recipient; such as a good luck bag for dance team tryouts. Use a colorful or decorated bag to fill with assorted dance-theme items ranging from dance makeup to clothing to stickers.

  1. Decorated Paper Bag

    • Reuse a paper bag by decorating it with a dance theme. Paint the bag if desired or cover it with dance-themed stickers. Go over the entire bag in glitter glue or glue individual sequins around the bag's perimeter. Another option is to sketch the likeness of the recipient in a dancer's pose using colored or lead pencil. You can then glue the sketch to the front of the bag. Fill the bag with "Good Luck!" notes, dance-themed sticker sheets, a coin purse, buttons and confetti.

    "Clothes" Bag

    • Use a large dance-themed T-shirt as a "bag" and fill it with other dance-themed apparel. Use items such as socks, dance slippers, fitted tees, jazz pants, leggings and other dance wear. The items can be held in the T-shirt bag using the four corners of the shirt to hold everything together. Alternatively, you can use a sash to bind the T-shirt together. Add a few embellishments before tying the bag if desired, such as dance-themed confetti or dance-themed cards or stickers.

    Duffel Bag

    • Fill a dance-themed duffel bag with dance-themed school supplies as another good luck bag option. Look for dance-inspired pencils and pens, pencil boxes, erasers, notebooks, folders and other school supplies; write "Good Luck!" within the pages of notebooks or on the inside of folders if desired. Place items within the pockets of the duffel bag, if applicable, so the gift receiver has to "hunt" for each gift.


    • Look for purses that read "dance" -- or other dance-inspired phrases -- to fill with makeup, hair ties and other accessories and tools. Vintage dance purses are another option. Purchase items such as coated elastic bands, spray-on hair dye, glitter makeup, cream eye makeup and even larger tools such as curling irons or flat irons. Fill the bag with individual pieces of makeup or use compacts and kits that feature a variety of products.

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