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From the back, hair weaves are unnoticeable.

If you want to increase the length of your hair for an upcoming wedding, consider getting a hair weave. A hair weave is the technique that hair stylists use to attach real human hair to yours by weaving the two together at the roots. Hair weaves add body and fullness to ordinary hair, giving you more hair to work with for the desired wedding hairstyle.

  1. Updos

    • For people who have thin hair, but wish to sport a formal updo at a wedding, a weave is an effective way to create a fuller look. Rather than pulling back strands of hair and making the hair appear flatter on the head, a hair weave will keep hair high and thick so that when the tresses are pinned up and back they offer glamorous height. Updos, such as French twists and high buns, are dressy hairstyles for weddings because they expose the neckline for an elegant look.


    • The low-do is like an updo, but rather than the hairstyle taking place on top of the head, the hair is styled low and sometimes to the side. A low messy bun is one example of a wedding hairstyle that is enhanced by hair weaves. The woven hair gives you more tresses to create a fuller bun in the back or on the side. Hair weaves also give you the option of making a long braid that elegantly falls over your shoulder towards the front. You can create a romantic hairstyle with hair weaves by pulling the hair together at the side in a ponytail and curling the full hairs that hang loose to one side.


    • The down-do is a wedding hairstyle that involves keeping all of the hair down and loose. Hair weaves improve the down-do by giving you more hair to show off. For a wedding, one option for the down-do is to wear the hair straight and sleek. A straight and sleek hairdo draws attention to the various layers in the hair and keeps the mane looking maintained throughout the wedding. Another wedding hairstyle option is to make giant loose curls in the hair, and let them fall romantically and playfully down your back and shoulders.

    Partial Updos

    • The partial updo is a wedding hairstyle that involves pulling back the top half section of the hair, leaving the rest of the hair down and loose. For a partial updo, the hair weave may benefit the top or bottom portion, but is not necessary for both. For instance, if you wish to pull back the top half of the hair into a twist or a bun, but want to increase the length of the bottom hair that hangs, you can add the hair weaves just to the back.

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