How to Ace an Executive Assistant Job Interview

An executive assistant job interview is more comprehensive than other secretarial or clerical support positions. An executive assistant is an office professional who provides administrative support to members of managerial staff. The assistant prepares the executive’s schedule, arranges meetings and reviews files and reports. Because the role of an executive assistant is essential to the success of the executive, preparing for a job interview in advance is of vital importance to ensure a successful meeting.

  1. Study Potential Interview Questions

    • Prepare for the executive assistant job interview by practicing potential interview questions. There are a variety of questions that could come up during the interview. By preparing a list of possible questions and answers, you will feel more comfortable and confident during the interview. Possible questions could include, “What experience do you have preparing reports and business correspondence,” or “How proficient are you in using office technology?” Also, prepare a well thought out answer for the question, “Why should I hire you?” If and when this question comes up, you can provide a professional and straightforward answer.

    Research the Company

    • You can ace an executive assistant job interview by thoroughly researching the company, as well as researching the executive you will work for. Knowledge of the organization and its corporate professionals is important to make a good impression on the interviewer. Start your research by reviewing the company website. Most professional websites have an “about us” page that illustrates when the company was founded, as well as what the company objectives are. There might be a Web page that gives details about the executive you will work for. The interviewer will likely ask what you know about the company or how you prepared for the meeting. If you conduct research beforehand, you can answer these questions flawlessly.

    Sell Yourself

    • The interviewer needs to find out how qualified you are for the position in a short amount of time. You can ace an executive assistant job interview by highlighting your experience and expertise. When given the opportunity to tell the interviewer about your background, provide relevant details about your background that correlate with the job description. For example, describe the relationship you had with your current or most recent employer and how your professionalism helped the executive meet important goals and deadlines. If you have office administrative training in computer technology, project management, bookkeeping or other proficiencies, discuss how your education will help you succeed in the executive assistant role.

    Be Punctual

    • Punctuality is a necessity. Executive assistants are expected to be professional and career oriented. Arriving 15 to 20 minutes before the scheduled interview allows ample time to complete paperwork or review last-minute details about the position. This also demonstrates your ability to manage time effectively, which is an important part of the executive assistant position. Also, dress in corporate attire to show the interviewer that you can professionally represent the executive.

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