What Is a Good Gift for Someone Babysitting Overnight?

What Is a Good Gift for Someone Babysitting Overnight? thumbnail
Gifts are especially appropriate if someone volunteers to babysits overnight without pay.

Finding a babysitter who can spend the night is a challenge. Once you've cultivated a babysitter who is both available and trustworthy, it is often worth going the extra mile to strengthen that relationship. Providing a small gift as a token of appreciation for an overnight babysitting job can increase the chances that a reliable sitter will be available next time you need her services.

  1. Souvenir

    • If your absence stemmed from a business trip or vacation, especially to an interesting or exotic location, one way to show your appreciation is by bringing the babysitter a souvenir from your destination. Choose an item that will interest the sitter, such as a photo book or a candy or delicacy the region specializes in. The point is to help the babysitter feel involved in your trip, not to emphasize the fun you had while she worked back at home.

    Gift Basket

    • Assembling a small goody basket shows that you put time and care into your gift. Purchase a small basket at a craft or department store and fill it with treats, such as quality chocolates, a small stuffed animal, chocolate-covered espresso beans, cocoa mix, tea, coffee, caramel corn or fresh fruit. Wrap the basket in colored cellophane, tie a ribbon at the top and attach a thank you note.

    Books, Movies or Music

    • If you know your babysitter's tastes, pick out a book, movie or album she will appreciate. Consider what your babysitter enjoys, what she is already familiar with and how much time she has to read or watch movies. The best gift will introduce her to a new story, musician or idea in a field or genre she already knows and loves. A successful choice can form an even stronger bond in your relationship.

    Gift Cards or Bonus Cash

    • A gift card to a favorite restaurant allows your overnight sitter to have fun.
      A gift card to a favorite restaurant allows your overnight sitter to have fun.

      Many babysitters are at a stage in life when they truly appreciate a cash bonus. If your overnight sitter is working his way through college or is a retiree, for example, the best way to show your gratitude is a gas card or extra money beyond the agreed-upon payment for services. Similarly, a gift card to a restaurant or store that your babysitter loves but can't usually afford can provide the means to go have some fun.

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