Are Vizio TVs Compatible with the Samsung Blu-ray DVD Player?


Samsung Blu-ray players offer a variety of audio and video outputs that enable you to connect your player to your Vizio TV and enjoy your favorite DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Vizio TVs offer inputs that correspond to all of the types of outputs on Samsung Blu-ray players, making it easy for you to set up your connections.

Samsung Blu-ray Outputs

  • Basic Samsung Blu-ray players offer only HDMI and composite video outputs. More feature-rich Samsung Blu-ray players offer HDMI, component and composite video outputs. An HDMI cable carries high-definition video and audio, a component cable carries high-definition audio and standard definition video, and standard audio/video cables carry standard-definition audio and video. All of the Samsung Blu-ray players offer standard audio and digital optical audio outputs. Digital optical audio carries audio in high definition.

Vizio TV Inputs

  • Vizio TVs offer inputs that match all of the outputs on Samsung Blu-ray players. Vizio TVs have at least one HDMI input, at least one component input and at least one standard video input. Also, Vizio TVs offer at least one standard audio input and one digital optical audio input.

Display Samsung Blu-ray on Vizio

  • After connecting the Samsung Blu-ray player to the Vizio TV, turn both the Samsung Blu-ray player and the Vizio TV on. If the screen associated with the Samsung Blu-ray player is not displaying, press the appropriate input button on the top half of the Vizio remote control to display the appropriate input. For example, if the Samsung Blu-ray player is connected to an HDMI input, press the "HDMI" button on the top half of the Vizio remote control. If there is more the one HDMI input, press the "HDMI" button repeatedly to cycle through the HDMI inputs until the image associated with the Samsung Blu-ray player is displayed.


  • If the disc you loaded into the Samsung Blu-ray player is not playing, eject the disc and carefully wipe it off with a soft, clean cloth. Look for scratches or other scuff marks, as the disc won't play if it is damaged. Ensure that the disc is not a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, as Samsung-Blu-ray players do not support playback for those types of discs.

    If the disc plays but the movie looks blurry, adjust the aspect ratio on your Vizio TV.

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