Things to Do With Gummy Worms


Eating gummy worms right out of the bag takes care of the majority of people's craving for this fun, colorful, stretchy and fruity candy. But gummy worms can be enjoyed a number of other ways as well. Use gummy worms for fishing or Halloween-themed parties or events, make learning about worms fun with a gummy worm treat, or add gummy worms to your favorite dessert to liven it up. Gummy worms are a classic candy, enjoyed by all ages, readily available and cheap to buy.

Dirt Cups

  • Make dirt cups for dessert. This chocolate pudding treat gets people excited and is so simple to make. Buy Oreo cookies, chocolate pudding (or make some from a mix) and gummy worms. Separate the black Oreo cookie parts of the cookies and remove the white cream filling. Crush the black Oreo cookies in a plastic Ziploc bag using a roller or your hands, making a dirt resembling substance. Fill containers half to two thirds with chocolate pudding, sprinkle the tops with the crushed Oreo cookies and place a gummy worm into the dessert, allowing it's head to pop out or the body to dangle.

Party Worms

  • Make gummy worms that are a unique alcoholic treat for your next party. Soak gummy worms in a container with flavored rum or vodka. Pour enough liquor into the container over the worms, so that it just covers the top of the worms. Place the container in the refrigerator for 24 to 48 hours. The gummy worms will absorb the alcohol and expand in size. Serve these alcoholic worms to guests for a fun alternative to jello shots or other alcoholic treats.

Worm Bobbing

  • Place a bag of gummy worms in a container usually used for apple bobbing. This is a great idea for a Halloween party. Have guests bob for worms instead of apples and collect the worms they catch in a cup. See who can get the most. Or hide a few worms on a paper plate, covered in whip cream. Have guests use their mouths only, to dig through the whip cream, finding the gummy worms.

Grow Big Worms

  • Kids will enjoy watching their gummy worm grow bigger and bigger. Place a gummy worm in a container and fill it with water. Observe the gummy worm as it grows in size over three to six days. Dispose of gummy worm at the end of the experiment, as it is no longer good to eat.

Gummy Worm Popsicles

  • Make home made Popsicles with gummy worms in them. Place a gummy worm or two into a Popsicle mold or paper cup, pour in fruit juice or flavored drink of choice and place Popsicle handle or a stick into the mold. Allow the Popsicles to freeze. Serve them and watch eaters delight as they discover the gummy worms inside.

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