Cute Ways to Put Feathers in Short Hair

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Hair feathers add color and texture to your hairstyles.

Feathers are a great way to spice up a hair style for any occasion. Feather clips can add glamour to a fancy updo, while feather extensions add a touch of color and interest to your hair when wearing it down. Even short hair can be accentuated by adding a few feathers.

  1. Feather Hair Extensions

    • It’s recommended that you let a professional stylist install feather hair extensions if you‘re using a crimping bead, but hair extensions are also available as clips. Wash your hair and let it dry thoroughly. Brush your hair as usual and leave your hair down. Part your hair as you usually would. Decide where you want to add feather hair extensions and part your hair one-eighth of an inch below your natural part. Clip the hair extension near the root of your hair. Part your hair again as normal.

    Side Clip

    • If you want to use feathers to create a cute, glamorous look, use a feather clip to accessorize an updo. Use a 1-inch curling iron to curl your hair away from your face. Spray your hair with the hairspray of your choice to help the curls hold their shape. Gather the ends of your hair, curl them up and under the rest of your hair and pin them against your nape to create a soft updo. Pin a large feather clip to the side of your updo to add a touch of elegance.


    • If you have enough hair make a small ponytail, you can spice it up with hair feathers. Pull your hair into a tight ponytail either at the top of your head or the nape of your neck. Use a light hair gel or hairspray to smooth down any stray or frizzing hairs. Clip a hair feather into the elastic band holding your ponytail so the long feathers hanging off the clip point down and follow the line of the ponytail.


    • You can instantly add cute hair feathers to any style with a feather headband. Do your hair as you desire. You can leave it down, pull it up in a ponytail or style it with a texturing product. Don’t do any detailed styling where you want to place the headband, as the feathers will either undo the styling or hide it. Carefully place the headband at the top of your head, about an inch from your hairline. Use hairpins to secure the headband to your head if necessary.

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