My GE Oven Will Not Quit Beeping

GE ovens beep for a variety of reasons, including any time a cooking selection is made or started, when the oven has preheated, when a timed session is complete or to notify users of an error. Understanding what is going on when the oven won’t stop beeping might take a few tries, however.

  1. Kitchen Timer

    • Most GE ovens offer a timer feature that counts down a set time as determined by the user and then beeps when the timer is finished. The oven will beep three times when the timer ends and then one time every six seconds until you manually turn off the timer. Press “Kitchen Timer On/Off” or “Timer Off” to end the timer and stop the beeping.

    Cooking Timer

    • As with the kitchen timer, the oven can be set for a timed cooking period and will sound three beeps when this time is complete, followed by a single beep every six seconds. Push “Cancel/Off” to turn off the oven and the beeping will stop.

    Oven Probe

    • Some models include an oven temperature probe that is plugged into the rear of the oven and then inserted into the food item, usually meat. The probe is set to cook at a determined temperature and the oven will beep when it reaches this temperature. The beep will continue regularly until “Clear/Off” is pressed and the probe is removed from the food. Remember to use a hot pad when removing the probe, as the probe will be hot.

    Warm Hold

    • GE wall ovens and some of the range models offer a warm hold feature that keeps food warm after the cooking is complete. When selected, the warm hold feature turns on when the timed bake function is complete; it will beep every 10 seconds to remind users that the food is in warming mode. Press “Cancel/Off” to turn off the warm hold function.

    Oven Temperature Sensor

    • If an oven is in an area of the home that gets cold, the oven temperature sensor may beep whenever the temperature drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. When the oven is located in an area without temperature swings and the oven keeps beeping at random, the oven temperature sensor may be malfunctioning and need replacement. Contact GE for assistance.

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