How to Dress for an NFL Winter Game

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NFL games often endure in rain and snow, so fans have to dress for the elements.

Many NFL games are held during the winter months, during which temperatures may be anywhere from chilly or frigidly cold. Some football fans are tempted to dress fashionably for games, especially if they suspect that they might appear on television. But for safety and comfort, it's best to dress for fluctuating temperatures and for different levels of activity, such as climbing up bleachers and then sitting or sitting for long periods. The right wardrobe will help you to control your body temperature and enjoy the game.

  1. Layers

    • Depending on where the game is hosted, a winter day may vary dramatically in temperature. This is especially so for games in which the sun goes down mid-game. The best way to prepare for a range of temperatures is to wear layers. Wear long underwear underneath your pants and top if the forecast predicts 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below, since you will likely spend at least four hours outside (longer if tailgating). Thick jeans are the best pant to wear, since they provide a lot of insulation. Layer on top with a sweatshirt, fleece and heavy winter jacket.

    Team Gear or Team Colors

    • Many retailers sell all-weather gear with official team logos. Show your team spirit by sporting layers of official team gear. Alternatively, sport your team colors and save costs on clothing. On television, a green and yellow sweatshirt will blend in with crowds whether or not it's official Packers apparel, for example. Another option is to wear an oversized team jersey over your layers of clothing and outerwear. That way, you show team spirit while also keeping warm and insulated.

    Weatherproof Gear

    • Weatherproof clothing is ideal for an NFL winter game, since it will protect you from rain and snow. Opt for an all-weather heavy jacket, which will keep you insulated and dry. Another must-have for a winter NFL game is a hooded poncho. This can be worn over all of your other layers and will keep you dry enough to stay and enjoy the game. In addition, wear a thick pair of all-weather socks and wear winter or hiking boots, which are more waterproof than tennis shoes, sneakers or cowboy boots. An oversized pair of all-weather jogging or athletic pants is also handy to wear over jeans or pants.


    • Have handy mittens or gloves. Mittens allow your fingers to share body heat, keeping them warmer than gloves, but you may want to have fingers free to hold props, food or drinks. Hand warmer packets are also useful to have in case your fingers become so frozen that they're numb. Also have on hand a wool hat, earmuffs, scarf and blanket. These accessories are easily put on and taken off, and they will help you keep your extremities warm in extreme temperatures, which means your core can preserve heat and keep you from developing hypothermia or losing circulation.

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