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An acceptance speech should recognize others who share the stage with you.

There are many occasions on which you might have to deliver an acceptance speech. If you have won any kind of award, including for charity work, artistic endeavors or at a school graduation, there is a chance you will have to stand up and thank those who made your success possible. There is no one way to accept an award or recognition. Decide what format is most appropriate for the occasion, and write an acceptance speech that shows your audience your true gratitude.

  1. Gratitude Speech

    • An acceptance speech can be focused on thanking those who helped you in whatever capacity you are being honored. Start by thanking your co-nominees, thank individual coworkers over the years and move on to those people who had a direct impact on your recent recognized work. End your long list of thank yous by thanking those people most important in your life: your parents, your kids, your friends or your spouse. Comment on how their love and support was immeasurable in your success.

    Humorous Speech

    • An acceptance speech can be especially memorable if it is funny. Inject humor into your speech by being self-deprecating. For example, tell your audience what an underachiever you were as a child, what spectacular failure you undertook when you were older and how this latest award was mostly a matter of luck. Keeping a smile on your face will clue your audience in to the fact that you are joking.

    Inspirational Speech

    • People who win awards have sometimes had to overcome a great deal of adversity. If this applies to you, write an acceptance speech that tells your inspirational story. Relate any hardships you had as a child, events that discouraged you along the way and how tough you had it in the business you are in now. Another way to inspire your audience is to dedicate your award to someone else, especially someone who helped you along the way and has passed on.

    Emotional or Impromptu Speech

    • Sometimes the best acceptance speeches are those performed on the fly. Winning an award can be an overwhelming experience, and the overflow of emotions can lead you to say things that are truly from the heart. If you are comfortable going on stage without prepared notes, allow your thoughts and emotions to take you where they will. Say what you feel, speak from the heart and your acceptance speech will be truly genuine.

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