Hobbies That Can Help Develop Patience

Developing patience is task that takes time and lots of work. Using a hobby to help with these skills can make the patience building process fun. There are several hobbies that can help you develop your patience skills, such as sports, crafts and collecting. The hobbies all build patience by providing a product of the work or competitive contest to showcase the learned skill.

  1. Outdoor Hobbies

    • Finding patience in outdoor hobbies is possible with golf, bird watching, fishing and boating. Hobbies such as these take time to complete. Golf, for example, has a finish point that you can only reach by completing the game. In boating, you must learn to sail the boat back to the dock before your can stop the activity. Because you must finish the activity, you learn to develop patience. Fishing and bird watching depends on another living thing for an outcome. In order to have success, you must learn to be patient in waiting on the bird or fish to arrive.


    • Knitting, crocheting, puzzles and even cooking are hobbies that build patience. Although the cooking may not take as long as the knitting, crocheting and puzzle work, they all result in a product that you can be proud of. This is a product that you look forward to while participating in the hobby. It serves as a reason to continue the hobby.


    • Learning an instrument takes patience while helping to develop that skill even further. You can't learn an instrument without hours of practicing the same notes, hand positions and techniques. Like the craft projects, the musical hobbies produce something to be proud of in the end--the ability to play an instrument. Add an incentive to stick with the hobby by entering yourself into a talent competition.


    • The slow process of nurturing green things as they grow from the earth is a patience builder. Gardening requires constant work on the hobby in order to ensure that the plant survives. The product of the hobby is a flower, healthy plant, fruits or vegetables. It is a hobby that is continuous, as gardeners must perform work year round to keep plants and the earth they grow in viable.

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