Parade Float Decorations for St. Patrick's Day

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Irish symbols provide good decoration ideas for a St. Patrick's Day float.

The green of Ireland comes to the fore each year around the 17th March, as people around the world celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Many cities stage parades to honor the event, and these provide fun celebrations for participants and spectators. Those intending to produce a float for a parade can look to Ireland for a host of decoration ideas.

  1. Fun Decorations

    • Decoration ideas for a float include leprechauns. In Irish folklore these mythical beings take the shape of merry little men, usually dressed in green. This provides an idea for float participants, with a costume of green jacket, pants and hat creating the look of a leprechaun. Cutout cardboard and toy leprechauns provide decorations for a float. A legend about the leprechauns indicates that they have a pot of gold, and this provides another attractive decoration. Filling a pot or cauldron with gold foil-covered chocolate money provides the float participants with some "treasures" to hand out to spectators.

    Religious Decorations

    • St. Patrick's Day has a religious history, with the event staged to honor St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. A float celebrating St. Patrick therefore makes a good choice. Float participants can wear the costume of an Irish bishop, which typically includes a long white or green cloak, mitre hat and long wooden staff. Decorations to consider include life-sized cardboard cutouts of a St. Patrick figure, as well as Celtic crosses.

    Natural Decorations

    • Common symbols of Ireland include the shamrock, with the three leaves representing the Holy Trinity. Decorating a float with shamrocks provides the green look of Ireland in a simple way. Options include having pots of real shamrocks. Other ideas include larger size cutout cardboard shamrocks and shamrock-shaped balloons. Include a few four-leaf shamrocks on the float, as Irish folklore indicates that these bring good luck to whoever has them.

    Adult Decorations

    • An adult-orientated float design can include one of the famous drinks of Ireland, a pint of dark Irish beer. This distinctive black drink has a history dating back to the 1700s and its Irish roots make it a good choice for a St. Patrick's Day float. Include displays of associated merchandise, including inflatable pint glasses and bottles for decorating a float and novelty hats and shirts for float participants to wear.

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