The Best Type of Fiberfill for Pillows & Cushions


Fiberfill is used to stuff pillows, cushions and stuffed animals. There are several different types of fiberfill available, and each brings benefits to your home decor projects. The right fiberfill for a project depends on what the finished item will be used for. Some fiberfills, like wool or cotton, are designed to bring a dense, huggable texture to projects, and also add a vintage feel. Others, like polyester fiberfill, are very lightweight and inexpensive, making them ideal for filling multiple types of pillows and cushions. Choosing the right fiberfill for your project will help ensure you're pleased with the finished results.


  • Choose foam fill for chair and sofa cushions and for square or shaped pillows. Foam fiberfill can be cut to the exact dimensions you need with an electric knife, and resists squashing. Foam is also available in shredded form, and can be used to fill unusual shapes or large pieces, like beanbags. Foam is one of the more expensive filling options, but it also holds its shape the longest and offers the most support.


  • Polyester fiberfill is the least expensive and most commonly available form of fiberfill. Choose this option if you are on a budget, or if you want a light, lofty finished look. Polyester fiberfill is the lightest, airiest option, making it ideal for throw pillows and stuffed animals; it is not good for pieces that will be used for sitting or support, since it gets flattened out easily.

Cotton or wool

  • If you are looking for a more natural type of fiberfill, choose cotton or wool. Either cotton and wool can be used to fluff up a pillow or cushion and add extra weight. Wool will retain some of the body heat of the person using the pillow, making it an ideal choice for a seasonal project. Pillows stuffed with cotton are easy to launder and care for, and are ideal if you prefer an organic home accessory option. Cotton and wool both offer plenty of benefits, but will also cost twice as much as their polyester counterparts -- consider the extra cost when you decide which type to use.


  • Use a colorful fiberfill when you are filling a cushion or pillow that has open areas. Knitted or crocheted cushions look best if you use a fiberfill that is a close color match for the design surface, since a traditional white filling will show right through the stitches. Polyester, cotton and wool fiberfills all come in colors other than white. Look for natural, brown, black and red fill if you are stuffing a pillow or cushion with a loosely woven cover.

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