Owl Pinecone Crafts


Pinecone owls bring the spicy scent of pine into your home. Making the owls is simple once you acquaint yourself with using pinecones as a craft device. Choose a variety of pinecones with different sizes and colors to create an interesting array of pinecone owl crafts.

Pinecone Selection

  • When pinecones mature, their spines spread apart which is a decorative effect, but it isn’t the best option when trying to create an owl craft. The best pinecone to use is a young one that is still solid. This is because the decorations adhere to a solid surface better than a broken surface. At the very least, if the pines are spread, they should be somewhat close together. This means there should be less than 1/2 inch between the spines of the pinecone when you use it.


  • When decorating your pinecone, you have a wide variety of options to choose from. The most important thing is to ensure it actually looks like an owl when you finish. You need the wide eyes, the wings, the beak and possibly the feathers to create the proper look. Cut and painted craft foam creates some recognizable features while giving the pinecone a soft texture. Paint helps you achieve the proper coloring and craft eyes give the pinecone the eyes of the owl. You require craft glue to put the pieces all together.


  • Cleaning the pinecone is essential to bonding all the decorative materials to the surface, so brush it off with a stiff-bristled brush before you begin. Paint two white circles on the side of the pinecone, near the bottom of it. Glue your craft eyes on the surface of the pinecone, right on the white circles once the paint dries. Glue the wings in place at the sides of the pinecone. Allow the wings to dry in place. Cut a small orange triangle of craft foam and place it on the face of the owl, just below the eyes with the tip facing downward for the beak. Glue small down feathers to the sides of the pinecone if you want to create a feathery effect.


  • Working with pinecones is easy for some, but unsafe for others. Lightly touch the pinecones before you start collecting them. Wait a few minutes to see if your skin reacts to the sap of the pinecones before you fully grasp them and carry them around with you. Before you start the craft, place the pinecones in a sealable plastic freezer bag with pesticides. Allow them to sit in the freezer bags for 24 hours so the pesticides can kill all the pests hiding inside the pine cones.

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