Nine Advantages of Database Processing


In the business world, the way your local computer network is set up can have an impact on the performance of your company. With database processing, a software application is tied into a central database that multiple users can access within the company. This method of processing can have several advantages over alternative methods.

Sharing Information

  • One of the advantages of database processing is it allows you to share information with other users. One department of the business can provide information that is useful to another department without having to spend extra time collaborating. The information is simply there when you need it.

More Insight

  • When you use database processing, you can come up with more insight from the same amount of information. With database processing, it combines information from many different sources into a single database. By doing this, you may be able to make better assumptions.

Avoid Duplication

  • Another benefit of database processing is it helps you avoid duplication in the company. Two people will not have to do the same work. Once one person inputs data, it will already be in the database and another user will see it. This reduces the amount of unnecessary work.

Improve Consistency

  • When you use database processing, it also has the potential to improve consistency of data. When everyone is working on the same platform, you do not have to worry about one person using one format and another using a different one. Everyone is on the same page with a database.

Integrity of Data

  • With this approach, the integrity of the data can improve. Fewer mistakes will be made because the users will be familiar with the format. This reduces the possible number of errors and makes it so the information you get from the database is better.

Improve Security

  • Using a database processing system can also improve security. With a database, you can limit the number of users in the system. Each person can have his or her own login information so you know when any given person is using the system. This limits the amount of authorized access to the information.

More Productivity

  • With a database, you may also be able to improve the productivity of your employees. When you have a database, it allows employees to work from anywhere in some cases. For example, an employee could access the database from a home computer or from another work station. This gives your employees more opportunities to work.


  • Many databases can be customized to the user to make sure that it fits needs. If you have a specific need for your business, the database can be customized to make sure you have exactly what you want.


  • In some cases, using database processing can actually be less expensive than the alternative. Typically, you pay a fee for each user who will be accessing the database. This may be cheaper than paying for the storage of the data and paying for a separate license for the software on each computer.

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