Hiding Dog Kennels in the Home Decor

Disguise your dog's kennel in any room.
Disguise your dog's kennel in any room. (Image: Jupiterimages/Goodshoot/Getty Images)

As much as you love your dog, you may not be as fond of his large, bulky indoor kennel. Many dog owners utilize indoor kennels as a safe place to leave their dog while they are at work, or as a sleeping area to prevent their pooches from despoiling various areas of the house during the night. Whatever you use your kennel for, that wire or plastic crate can be an eyesore in an otherwise attractively decorated room. Increase the aesthetic appeal of your home by finding a way to artfully hide your dog’s kennel in plain sight.

Attractive Crates

Dog owners typically look for ways to hide indoor kennels because the crates are often made of unattractive plastic or wire. Eliminate the need to hide an ugly kennel by purchasing an aesthetically-pleasing crate. Wicker crates are especially nice to look at, and they can serve as a pretty decoration to your living room or bedroom without any need for disguise. However, be sure to choose a well-made crate that serves the function you need it to before investing in a crate solely based on looks.

Room Choice

Another easy way to hide a dog kennel in your home is to keep it in a relatively unused room. Remember that dogs are social creatures, so you should only keep the crate in a separate room if you rarely use the crate or if you only crate your dog while you are away from the home. If you have space in your laundry room or mudroom, tuck the kennel in a corner there. Keeping the kennel in a less-used room in your house is beneficial for more than just hiding the kennel itself; you can also use the room as a dog room by keeping food and water dishes there. Additionally, leaving the kennel out of your living room and bedroom can keep unwanted odors from constantly infiltrating your most commonly used areas.


Incorporate the kennel in your furniture to hide it in any room. Tuck the kennel under your living room coffee table if it fits there, or stow it under an entryway or living room table. Cover the table with an attractive tablecloth and allow the ends of the cloth to brush or cover the sides of the kennel. Alternately, convert your dog kennel into its own piece of furniture. Cover the kennel itself with a tablecloth and store books with bookends or small knickknacks on top. Only place items on top of the kennel if it has a solid plastic top and can withstand the weight; however, as you don’t want your decorative items to fall through the crate or compromise its structure, choose carefully.

Kennel Covers

The simplest kennel cover is a blanket. Choose a blanket that will adequately cover your kennel and drape it over the crate for an attractive finish. This cover gives you some freedom of expression, as you can choose a blanket with colors or a print that matches or complements the decoration style of the room; or you can purchase a nice blanket with dog themes, such as bones or paw prints, to indicate the presence of the crate under the blanket. For more freedom and creativity, make your own kennel cover with your choice of fabric, print and extra decorations.

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