Cheat Codes for "Final Fantasy Tactics Advance "


Released in 2003, "Final Fantasy Tactics Advance" brought the classic role-playing strategy game series to the Game Boy Advance. If you are having trouble with the game's challenges, you can cheat your way through with the third-party Action Replay and GameShark cheating devices. If you would rather play "Final Fantasy Tactics Advance" on your computer, you can also use both devices' cheat codes with Game Boy Advance emulators such as Visual Boy Advance and No$GBA.

Power-up Marche

  • You can use cheat codes to turn Marche, your main character, into an unstoppable force. Enter the code "ec840f80 42c79fe7" to give Marche infinite hit points and "e24cd1ef e2de7727" for infinite magic points. If being completely invincible isn't enough, try "7d086873 e9460049" to boost Marche to maximum level. Lastly, give Marche maximum statistics in all categories with the lengthy code "b1a0886a 6d42556b e68492bf a692415b d1aebc22 1f9b2f7f b2fdd2b8 dbed4a5d 35bf8736 faf7ae05."

Free Items and Money

  • Buy anything you want with unlimited cash by entering "d6f34d09 797e4fb3" to never run out of money. If buying items is too time consuming, load up on an infinite stock of every consumable in the game with "d6699150 127390d5 2c106e62 56e14063 aef48cec cf5d1729 73c34418 7f394e16." Need weapons and armor? Never want for a sword again with "3d9d4c14 cbac27f2 c6e7fe18 90b808b3 55e34ca7 080650c2 f5118fd1 2f16a438 79156b43 14497068 a870fe43 61f00a2b 46cf8208 9e032888 ded2b25a b685d20f," granting infinite equipment.

Learning Abilities

  • In "Final Fantasy Tactics Advance," your characters learn new abilities by equipping items that teach abilities and winning battles. After each win, your characters receive a small amount of ability points. Each ability they learn requires a certain number of points. Highly sought after skills such as "Double Sword" require a staggering 999 ability points to learn. Fortunately, you can skip all of that with "D3C3D32C 6FB077AA," which automatically gives "Double Sword" to Marche. If you want other abilities fast, use "24A23942 E3EE12C3" to gain 1000 ability points after each battle, effectively learning any skill you want instantly.

Law and Order

  • In every battle, a magical entity known as a "judge" appears and declares a law for that particular battle. For example, a judge might ban use of certain spells or abilities. If you violate the law, the judge will ban the offending character temporarily. To avoid this problem entirely, enter the code "74A54696 E9ACD1CA FCE6740A 33EDE7F8" to get rid of laws. If you like the laws system and just want to erase any existing punishments against your character, clear out yellow cards with "E090637D 5157C565" and red cards with "DF6B8F86 10AC5192."

Master Code

  • If you are having trouble entering cheat codes and getting them to work, try first entering "9897a180 0c498ae2 17366345 1720bcf2" for Action Replay or "EA995F78 808AC7FC 79071784 FC82C150" for GameShark. This is the "master code" for FFTA that is sometimes necessary to enable cheats. If you are using an emulator, you should be able to skip this step.

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