My GE Freezer in the Garage Is Not Freezing


General Electric — more commonly called GE — is a respected manufacturer of home appliances. Founded by Thomas Edison, this innovative company was the first to release a two-door refrigerator-freezer combination unit back in 1947. However, every brand of freezers has its unique set of issues, and GE is no exception. If you keep a GE freezer in your garage for food storage and have noticed that it is not freezing properly, there are a number of actions you can take.

Garage Temperature

  • If your GE freezer is not freezing your items, it is because the internal temperature is not low enough. This can be caused by the environmental conditions in which you store your freezer. For example, there is usually a noticeable difference in temperature between an air-conditioned home and a garage that is not cooled. If the ambient air temperature in your garage is much warmer than in your home, you may simply need to turn up the freezer to compensate. If the freezer is already set to maximum cold, try cooling the air in the garag. In contrast, an ambient air temperature that is too cold can also prevent proper freezing, as it affects the mechanics of the freezer. Check your owner's manual to verify what the ideal operating conditions are for the freezer, and make sure the garage is kept climate-controlled at that temperature year-round.

Possible GE Issues

  • While GE has not issued recalls on any freezers or fridge/freezer combination units as of September 2011, some GE freezer models been reported by consumers to have manufacturing issues that affect performance. Upright freezer model FUF14DTARWH has been reported to have issues with the door gasket and door mount, which allows the door to spontaneously open, thus lowering the internal temperature of the freezer. This model was reviewed by Consumer, which noted that its lack of an open door and temperature alarm was a drawback. They verified that consumers had complained about the door problem, adding that while Consumer Reports reviewed this model back in 2007, their review of the model is no longer available online. In their review of GE freezer model no. FCM7SU, Consumer Reports stated that while the device has been given an Energy Star rating, it uses more power than allowable by Department of Energy Energy Star guidelines. The review called the GE FCM7SU's claims to consumers to be "grossly misleading." If the freezer is drawing too much energy on an overtaxed breaker, the circuit could shut off, leading to ineffective freezing.


  • Common freezer issues that can cause low freezer temperatures including tripped breakers, blown fuses or plugs that slipped out from the socket. Overcrowding, blocked air vents, dirty condenser coils or clogged drain tubes may also contribute to this problem. Check these areas first before calling in a repairman.

Customer Care

  • Contact GE for customer support. The company's customer service representatives can help you diagnose problems, send out repair agents and locate replacement parts. There are a number of phone numbers you can use to contact GE directly. The Answer Center number is 1-800-626-2005. The hotline for Warranty Management is 1-800-626-2224, and the hotline for Appliance Service is 1-800-848-7620.

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