Tazo Tea Tin Crafts


Recycle those Tazo tea tins into a work of art, lovely gift or even a practical household item. No matter your choice, being creative with packages and or containers from products not only enables the packaging to be reused, but also eliminates further unnecessary waste. The tea tins can be used in a number of creative ways, and may provide inspiration for reusing and recycling products.


  • Many people enjoy making their own candles, as the necessary materials are readily available at many craft stores. Tazo tea tins make decorative, yet practical candle holders. Purchase candle wax or pellets and a pre-waxed wick with a base. Melt the candle wax according to the directions, insert the wick into the tea tin, pour some of the wax into the tea so that the wax forms the wick to the base of the tea tin. Allow the wax to harden in the tin. Then pour the rest of wax into the tin, but allow one half inch of space from the top of the tin to the top of the candle.


  • Turn those Tazo tea tins into beautiful vases for both fresh and faux floral arrangements. If you are using fresh flowers or herbs, drill small holes at the bottom of the tin so the water drains properly through the soil. Next, partially fill your tin with soil and plant your flowers or herbs. If you choose to display faux flowers, simple arrange your blooms in the Tazo tea tin for all to enjoy.

Gift Boxes

  • Reuse those Tazo tea tins into gift boxes for your next present. Tea tins are the perfect size for those small scraps of unused wrapping paper. Simply adhere strips of wrapping paper to the base and lid of the tin. Self-stick wrapping paper works best, as it sticks to the tin smoothly. The wrapping paper can be varied as it adds to the uniqueness of the gift box.

Packaged Baked, Dip or Dessert Mixes

  • Around the holidays, many people like to share the gift of cooking. Tazo tea tins are the perfect container to hold those homemade baked, dip or soup mixes. All the necessary ingredients are put together in a small plastic bag with directions on how to make the product. Tazo tea tins can hold the bagged ingredients and the directions can simply be tied to the outside of the tin using a decorative ribbon. The lid is optional as you may want to the ingredients to be on display. Wrap the tin in festive paper and add holiday stamps or stickers to the outside of the tin for an even more impressive gift.

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