60th Birthday Party Favors With a '50s Theme

If you're planning a 60th birthday party for a loved one, consider a theme party that tips a hat to the Fabulous '50s - an era of sock hops, soda shops, Hula Hoops and poodle skirts. When selecting party favors, fill party bags or small gift baskets with items connected to the decade. These gifts won't just provide entertainment for your guests once the party's over - they'll supply lasting memories of their loved one's special day.

  1. Candy

    • Penny candy from a '50s corner store: a sweet memory.
      Penny candy from a '50s corner store: a sweet memory.

      Start by stuffing your guests' goody bags with retro candy. Specialty stores and online vendors carry many of the popular favorites of the era, often with the same look as the original packaging. Check out the inventory and see what favorites are available. A roll of Charms hard candy, some Bazooka Joe bubble gum or a pack of candy cigarettes will stir memories of the simple pleasures of visiting the corner candy store.


    • The Slinky -- still available today.
      The Slinky -- still available today.

      Bring back more memories by adding one or two small toys to your guests' baskets or gift bags. Many innovative toys introduced in the '50s can still be found in department stores. Others are just a Google search away or possibly displayed for sale at a nearby vintage toy shop. You can find Matchbox or Hot Wheels cars that replicate models like the '57 Oldsmobile or the '53 Studebaker. Add a Gumby toy, some Silly Putty, a Slinky or a Duncan Butterfly Yo-Yo.

    Pop Culture

    • Fuzzy dice often adorned the rear view mirrors of '50s cars.
      Fuzzy dice often adorned the rear view mirrors of '50s cars.

      Although you can't fit a poodle skirt or a leather jacket into your guests' party bags, that doesn't mean you can't add some of the flavor of the era. Think about those things that made the '50s so unique. How about a Green Lantern, Batman or Captain America comic book? Perhaps a colorful pair of fuzzy dice or some wax lips?

    Music and Media

    • Music from the '50s included everything from Dean Martin and Nat King Cole, who appealed to adults of the day, to Elvis Presley and Bill Haley and the Comets, who were shaking up the music scene for the young crowd. Consider including a CD with classic songs of the era. Or add a DVD featuring a movie such as "Shane" or a TV show such as the iconic "I Love Lucy."

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