Gym Membership Director Salary

Many people promise themselves every New Year that they will join a gym and lose weight to get healthy. Yet, by February or March of every year, the crowds at gyms thin out noticeably. While gym membership directors want to maintain attendance, they are more focused on ensuring membership dues are current and new members are still signing up.

  1. What is a Gym Membership Director?

    • A gym is a membership-based business. Members pay a monthly or annual fee to use the facilities for fitness and recreation. Gym membership directors are responsible not only for ensuring the gym meets its membership sales goals, but also keeps an adequate membership retention rate to keep the business profitable. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics lists gym membership directors under the profession of sales managers in the fitness and recreational sports centers industry.

    Gym Membership Director Average Salary

    • In 2010, only 0.02 percent of the fitness and recreational sports center industry were gym membership directors. They made an average salary of $79,890 per year, or $38.41 an hour. The median, or 50th percentile, income was $36.44 per hour, according to the BLS. The 5.4 percent difference between the mean and median salaries suggests a few directors made significantly more than the others, pushing the average up and away from the typical income.

    Location Variance

    • Sales directors, including gym membership directors, earned different average salaries in different regions. For example, California employed the most sales directors of all kinds in 2010 with a mean in come of $120,310 per year. In Minnesota, the average income was $109,690 while in New Jersey the mean was $136,370 per year. New York paid the highest average income that year of $164,250 annually, the BLS reports.

    National Ranking

    • The starting salary for sales directors of all kinds started at about $49,960 per year and topped off well above $166,400 annually in 2010. The mean income was $114,110 per year while the median, or 50th percentile, income was $98,530 per year. This ranked gym membership directors in the second quartile, or 25th to 50th percentile range, of national sales director salaries.

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