Games for a Baking Themed Birthday Party


Birthday parties often revolve around a central theme. Those who love to cook might choose invitations and decorations that relate to baking. Party games for adults and children can also be played that go along with the theme. Give away prizes to winners that also carry out the theme, like aprons with clever sayings, brownie or cookie mixes, cookbooks for kids or adults and cooking utensils.

Guessing Game

  • Break into teams and have teammates take turns playing. One player from each team sits at a table and is blindfolded while an item is placed in front of him. Touch, smell or taste the mystery item and be the first to correctly guess its identity to receive one point for your team. Mystery baking-related items might include red velvet cake, walnuts, spices, sugar, flour, measuring cups, cupcake pans or rolling pins. Before playing, ask guests if they are allergic to any foods to keep everyone safe. Hide all mystery items until they are brought into play. The team that earns the most points wins.

Decorating Game

  • Have each party guest decorate her own small cake using provided materials like rolling pins, various colors of fondant, sprinkles, paintbrushes, food coloring, royal icing and piping bags. Enforce a time limit of 15 to 20 minutes. Have cutting tools available to cut out fondant shapes and attach them to cakes with royal icing. Let children use cookie cutters. When time is up, display and number all cakes. Party guests write down the number of the cake with their favorite design, but cannot vote for their own cake. Place all votes into a box and tally them up to find the winner. Allow each guest to take their own cake home.

Cooking Game

  • Break guests into teams of two or three and have one teammate draw a recipe from a bowl. Recipes should be for pies, brownies, cookies and other baked goods written on separate index cards that each take 30 minutes or less to bake. Scatter the various ingredients and kitchen tools needed along a table and instruct teams to prepare their recipes. Daring teams can add extra ingredients, like chocolate chips or walnuts. Bake each prepared mixture, asking neighbors in attendance if you can use their ovens. Place each freshly baked good on a table with a number. Party guests taste each food and write down the number of their favorite. You cannot vote on your own baked good. Tally all the votes placed into a box to determine the winning team.

Relay Game

  • Set up various baking-related task stations, and divide party guests into teams with as many players on a team as there are tasks. Teams designate a player for each task. Explain the tasks that must be completed in order. On “go,” the first players must complete their required task before a teammate can begin the next one, and so on. The first team to complete all the tasks is declared the winner. Require players to roll out dough and use cookie cutters to make 10 cutouts. Other tasks might include filling up a piping bag and icing 12 cupcakes, being blindfolded and having to smell or taste a food to guess its identity, scooping out cookie dough onto a sheet or mixing together ingredients for a recipe.

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