How to Deck Out a Room Redneck Style


Similar to a hillbillies but a tad more modern, rednecks have a distinctive style all their own. Rednecks have a taste for NASCAR, beer, firearms and recliners, and often celebrate these things in their home's decor. When decorating redneck-style, casual comfort is key, as is a disregard for anything beautiful in the traditional sense, such as natural materials, serene colors and matching furniture.

Recliner and TV

  • If you're doing up a room redneck-style, start with the prized possession and grand focal point: the TV and its accompanying recliner. Although rednecks generally do not have lots of money to spend on luxury items, they'll often scrimp and save in order to get the largest, loudest TV possible. Make up for the big bucks spent on your TV by finding a cast-off recliner and picking it up for free or next to nothing. Seek out the rattiest, dirtiest, ugliest, most garish recliner possible at Goodwill, garage sales or by the side of the road on trash day. Don't settle for a solid color. Go for plaid, floral or some other loud pattern.


  • Rednecks are animal lovers. They love to shoot them, they love to stuff them, they love to hang them on the wall. However, we're not talking big game hunted down on safari. A redneck's budget limits his hunting to the area in which he lives. Some taxidermy animals you might find in a redneck room include possum, squirrel and weasel -- that is, if they weren't cooked up for dinner. If you're a high-class redneck, go for a mounted deer or feral pig head. Although not a real fish, a "Big Mouth Billy Bass," which is a battery-operated, mounted bass that sings "Take Me to the River," fits into this category.


  • When it comes to hobbies, rednecks are associated with motor sports such as NASCAR, monster truck racing, tractor pulls and four-wheeling. Hunting and fishing are also popular hobbies among this group. To show their dedication and love of these activities, rednecks often use them prominently in their decorating scheme. Ideas you can take into your redneck room include draping a fringed NASCAR throw over the back of your couch, framing and hanging photos of your bloody, freshly killed game, and displaying a series of tractor pull or monster truck race programs on the coffee table. Instead of hiding and locking your guns safely away, mount a gun rack on the living room wall to display them as art. Remove all ammunition first, including rock salt and dried beans.

Plastic, "Pleather" and Fake Anything

  • Why have the real thing when you can get it in plastic? Redneck rooms are often filled with fakes, such as stick-on vinyl tiles made to look like Saltillo tile, shiny "pleather" couches, polyurethane paneling with the look of wood, plastic dishes that look like china and polyester ficus trees that are made to look like silk ficus trees that are made to look like real ficus trees.


  • Beer -- in cans only, please -- is an important part of the redneck diet and lifestyle. Because you no doubt have a bunch of empty beer cans lying around in your front yard and in the floorboards and bed of your pickup truck, put them to good use and help the environment by repurposing them into home decor. Make a beer can wind chime to hang by the window, or simply use an empty can in place of a bud vase. If you have a little money to spend, invest in a flashing neon Coors, Schlitz, Pabst Blue Ribbon or Milwaukee's Best bar sign.


  • Rednecks lack a certain level of sophistication and prefer novelty over subtlety. Novel decor ideas you can work into your own redneck room include popcorn-textured ceilings with glitter and sparkles, Vegas-style blinking Christmas lights, color-changing LED lamps, plastic garden frogs with built-in motion detectors that croak loudly whenever someone walks by and clocks that strike hourly with bird calls or train whistles. In other words, anything with batteries that moves, talks, sings, sparkles or blinks.

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